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UN/CEFACT Mini Conference on Electronic Certification

UN/CEFACT Mini Conference on Electronic Certification

27 September 2016
Bangkok Thailand

Electronic certification is used countries in order to dematerialise the SPS certification process. The topic is on the agenda at many multilateral conferences and meetings. During this one-day event, we will focus on the use of UN/CEFACT standards, recommendations and best practices for e-certification.

The Mini Conference will provide an introduction to e-certification and how this is used by international organizations like UNCTAD. This will be followed by discussions on matters such as the UN/CEFACT exchange mechanism and experiences of individual countries with electronic certification. The sharing of best practices will continue into the afternoon (13:30 – 17:00). By means of their experiences, participants will hear real life stories of how electronic certification works and how to go about implementation.

Electronic certification is the direct exchange of electronic SPS certificates between the competent authority of the receiving country and sending country. By using this system, the receiving country is assured that the information comes from the sending country.

A few advantages of this system for the private sector are:
   - Speed for product to be available for trade; and
   - Reduction of administrative burden by multiple use of data.

A few advantages for governments are:
   - Quality and efficiency of the supervision;
   - Risk based management; and
   - Fraud prevention.

The Mini Conference and sharing of best practices will provide participants with useful and interesting information on electronic certification. Participants will also get an insight into the several advantages of the use of this application for governments and private sector.

Target audience
Experts and decision makers on the field of certification and Single Window systems.


Participation and registration

To attend the Mini Conference, registration is compulsory. You are kindly invited to register through the 28th UN/CEFACT Forum register through the online registration by 15 September 2016 at the latest.