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Workshop on environmental monitoring and reporting by enterprises

Workshop on environmental monitoring and reporting by enterprises

04 - 06 September 2006
Warsaw Poland
Documentation ENG RUS
Objectives and organization PDF PDF
Agenda PDF PDF
Minutes PDF  
Draft guidelines PDF PDF

Reports and presentations:

Ust Kamenogorsk Power Station   PDF PPT
Air Inventories in Russian Federation   PDF PPT
Enterprise Rating in Russian Federation   PDF PPT
Corporate reporting in Russian Federation PDF PDF PPT
Statistical reporting in Ukraine   PDF PPT
Statistical reporting in Belarus   PDF
Air Monitoring in Belarus   PDF PPT
Gomel Oblast, Belarus   PDF
Chemical industry, Caustic   PDF PPT
Compliance monitoring in Georgia   PDF PPT
Air monitoring in Russian Federation   PDF PPT
NGO Kazakhstan PPT PDF
KBCSD, Kazakhstan    PPT
Kazchrom , Kazakhstan    PPT
NGO Volgograd    PPT
PRTR Guidelines  PPT  
Novogor Perm    PPT
Legal requirements, Poland    PPT
EAP Task Force    PPT
Enterprise environmental monitoring PPT  

Background papers:

PRTR Protocol Guidance PDF  
Self-monitoring in Estonia PDF PDF
Self-monitoring reform in Kazakhstan   PDF
Guidelines for Multinational enterprises   PDF

List of participants PDF