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UN/CEFACT Conference on "Single Window: sharing implementation experiences and best practices"

UN/CEFACT Conference on "Single Window: sharing implementation experiences and best practices"

29 October 2019
IMO, Albert Embankment London United Kingdom


Single Window is a key factor of economic growth and trade facilitation within an economy; however, the task is large! Creating a single entry point for all import, export and transit related regulatory processes, ensuring that all relevant government agencies are involved, creating a clear and streamlined data model for all procedures… Implementation can take many years, but should bring some promising benefits both to the trading community and to government agencies – not to mention overall economic benefits for the country.

Implementation of a Single Window has been proposed through the World Trade Organization as one of the key elements to implement within its Trade Facilitation Agreement. Countries all over the world have either implemented, in the process of implementing or studying future implementation. Of course the context may be different depending on national laws and the agencies involved; but everyone is aiming towards a same objective and could benefit from regular exchange on the subject and sharing of best practices.

This Conference aims to bring together all those concerned with Single Window implementation. It will be set up to allow a number of countries to demonstrate their Single Window solutions, to explain the challenges faces and the success stories. Sufficient time will be allotted to allow exchanges between participants and implementors in order to explore the best practices.

Come share your experiences with your Single Window implementation, or come to hear about the experiences of your peers.

Target Audience
Single Window implementors, cross-border government agencies, international trading community.


09:00 – 10:30 – Opening Address and keynotes

            Moderator: Mr. Lance Thompson, Secretary of UN/CEFACT, UNECE

Welcome address and setting the scene

Current developments in UN/CEFACT projects: revision of Recommendation 33

Current developments in UN/CEFACT projects: Systemically Important Single Windows

Single Window in a Regional Context

Assessing Level of National Single Window Development in Digital Economy

11:00 – 12:30 – National Implementations

           Moderator: Ms. Estelle Igwe, Vice Chair of UN/CEFACT

Canadian Experience

Malaysian Experience

Moroccan Experience

14:00 – 15:30 – National Implementations

            Moderator: Ms. Estelle Igwe, Vice Chair of UN/CEFACT

Senagalese Experience

Kenyan Experience

Georgian Experience

16:00 – 17:30 – Open floor discussion for other implementations and conclusions

            Moderators:  Mr. Lance Thompson, Secretary UN/CEFACT
                                  Ms. Estelle Igwe, Vice Chair of UN/CEFACT
                                  Mr. Aleksei Bondarenko, Domain Coordinator UN/CEFACT Single Window Domain and Associate Professor at MGIMO University

Republic of Congo Experience