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Sixty-second session of the Commission

Sixty-second session of the Commission

25 - 27 April 2007
Palais des Nations, Geneva Switzerland


Annual report (24 February 2006 - 27 April 2007) E/2007/37 - E/ECE/1448
Provisional agenda for the sixty-second session E/ECE/1445
Revised tentative timetable      
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Item 2 of the provisional agenda
Implementation of the Reform
(Note by the Executive Secretary)
Item 3 of the provisional agenda
Issues calling for action by the Commission
(Note by the Executive Secretary)
Addendum 1 E/ECE/1447/Add.1
Addendum 2: UNECE Technical Cooperation Strategy E/ECE/1447/Add.2
Background notes
The Role of the Regional Commissions in the UN Development Work at the Regional Level
(Concept Note)
Item 5 PDF    
Cooperation for Stability and Prosperity in the UNECE Region
(Concept Note)
Item 6 (a)    
Pan-European Economic Integration in a Globalized World
(Concept Note)
Item 6 (b)    
Sustainable Energy Policies: the Key to Energy Security in the UNECE Region
(Speakers Briefing Note)
Item 8 (a)    
Secure Transport Development: a Key to Regional Cooperation
(Concept Note)
Item 8 (b)    
The Economics of Gender in the European Economy
(Concept Note)
Item 8 (c)    
Background information
Secretary-General's letter of 5 April 2007 to the President of the General Assembly on the Coherence Report Item 5    
Recommendations contained in the report of the High-level Panel on United Nations System-wide Coherence in the areas of development, humanitarian assistance and the environment
(Report of the Secretary-General)
Coherence Report
Follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit 

(Note by the Secretary-General)
Conference room paper
Implementation of the Reform
(Note by the secretariat)
CRP.1 PDF    
Press / Myrdal Exhibition
Press releases issued on the occasion of the Sixtieth Anniversary Session of the UNECE HTML    
Gunnar Myrdal Exhibition (brochure) PDF  

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