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Important notice for access to the Border Crossing Facilitation and TIR web sites

16 Avril 2003
The Border Crossing Facilitation website, containing information with regard to WP.30, AC.2, AC.3 and AC.4 and the TIR web site, containing all kinds of TIR-related information, have been updated. They will be moved as of 14.4.2003 to new addresses, in order to better reflect the structure within the transport division of the UNECE.
The new http addresses of these home pages are respectively:
For the border crossing facilitation section: , or
For the TIR website: , or
The existing web sites will still remain accessible for a period of 1 month until 16.5.2003, allowing for a smooth transition and in order to give visitors time to update their bookmarks. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the old web sites will NO LONGER be updated.
The home page of the old web sites will be replaced by a warning message and visitors will automatically be redirected to the new sites. Visitors having bookmarks inside the old websites should note that those pages will remain accessible without any warning message for one more month, but that after that date access to those pages will generate the following error message: "HTTP 404 - File not found".
Visitors are strongly advised to update their bookmarks at their earliest convenience and to access in the future the web sites through the following shortcut addresses:
UNECE Secretariat
TIR Secretariat