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Georgii Rudko

Subject: Public Comment on Redesigning the Uranium Resource Pathway from Rudko I. Georgii, State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources
12 February 2019
The State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources has fruitful cooperation with international and national organizations that are working on the development of global regulatory and methodological framework for the implementation of geological and economic assessment and reporting on mineral deposits, including strategic raw materials, which were considered at the Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development in November 2018 in Kyiv.
Ukraine was the first country in Europe and in the world to implement at the state level and successfully use the UNFC-2009 for geological and economic assessment, state accounting and reporting on the use of mineral reserves and resources.
After the processing of a draft document “Redesigning the Uranium Resource Pathway Application of the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources for Planning and Implementing Sustainable Uranium Projects” the State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources notes:
1. The draft document fully and comprehensively covers the current state of the uranium industry, which is reviving.
2. Using the data of specialized international organizations, the project provides a sound forecast as for the use of uranium as a reliable source of energy in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development.
3. The application of UNFC-2009 to the assessing and managing uranium resources will contribute to a balanced development of nuclear energetics. The three-dimensional model, based on UNFC-2009, fully describes the complexity and universality of usage of modifying factors when assessing uranium resources.
4. Given the geological component (axis G), nowadays the economic and social components are historically important (axis E), but with the development of new technologies the safety and cost of uranium development and enrichment systems (axis F) are prioritized.
Given the long-standing experience of Ukraine in exploration, putting into operation and closure of uranium ore deposits, the State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources will fully contribute, within its competence, to the development and implementation of UNFC-2009 and the Sustainable Development Goals.