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Information document for the discussion on forests and the circular economy

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This information document is prepared to facilitate discussion among member States on the future work of the Joint ECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section (Joint Section) on forests and the circular economy.
The secretariat will inform the Joint Working Party on the progress of work in line with the existing mandate. This will include a presentation on the first draft of the study on how the circular economy concepts relate to the forest-based industries. In addition, the secretariat will inform the Joint Working Party on progress of work on an inventory of existing wood waste classifications and the plans for further direction of this work.
The Joint Working Party will be invited to take note of the information provided and to:
(a) Inform the Joint Section about additional circularity questions and concepts that could be included in the study before the final draft is presented to the joint session of COFFI and EFC in October 2021.
(b) Advise the Joint Section on the proposed direction of work towards a standard classification of wood waste streams in the ECE region.
(c) Consider actively supporting the work on wood waste classification through engagement of national experts or funding of an extrabudgetary project.
(d) Provide guidance on other possible directions of the Joint Section’s work on forests and the circular economy after 2021.