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Expert Group on Consumer Price Indices

The Expert Group on Consumer Price Indices is established under the Conference of European Statisticians (CES). The first Expert Group meeting on CPI took place in 1978. The Expert Group meets every second year. The meetings are jointly organized by UNECE and ILO. The meetings serve as a forum for exchanging experiences in CPI compilation among national statistical offices and promoting the development and implementation of good practices and international recommendations in the area of CPI. The Expert Group meetings are prepared by the UNECE Steering Group on CPI, which consists of CPI experts from national statistical offices and international organisations. The Steering Group is established by the Bureau of the CES.


Meetings of the Expert Group on CPI

On this page you can find links to all CPI Expert Group meetings back to 2001 where all papers and presentations of the meetings are available.

Steering Group on CPI 

Here you can find information about the work and the current membership of the Steering Group.