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eTIR website

1 July 2010
Today, the UNECE secretariat launched a new website especially dedicated to the activities related to the project to computerize the TIR procedure, the so-called "eTIR-Project."
The new website is available at the following address:
The main aim of the website is to provide a repository for the documentation issued in relation to the eTIR-Project, i.e. all versions of the Reference Model of the eTIR project. In addition, at the specific request of the Working Party on Customs Questions affecting Transport (WP.30), the website contains a page providing contact information for the network of eTIR Focal Points. The website will also be used to post presentations made during the GE.1 sessions or pictures taken in- and outside the meeting rooms.
Please take note, that all regular information related to ongoing activities of the GE.1 (meeting dates, agendas, documents and reports) will continue to be available at the UNECE Transport Division Border Crossing Facilitation website at the following address:
Contracting Parties which are not in a position to regularly attend the meetings of the Informal Ad hoc Expert Group on Conceptual and Technical Aspects of Computerization of the TIR Procedure (GE.1) but which wish to become more actively engaged in the eTIR project are particulary encouraged to visit the website regularly.
The eTIR website has been developed to serve stakeholders from both governments and the private sector. Thus, the relevance of the eTIR website also depends on your feedback and requests.