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Economic Survey of Europe

The Economic Survey of Europe, was the ECE’s flagship publication, which provided comprehensive analyses of macroeconomic and structural developments in the ECE region and in its member countries. The Survey also covered selected topics of a more long-term nature relating to structural change and sustainable development in the region. In addition, the survey also contained a comprehensive statistical appendix of economic time series data for all member countries. The Economic Survey of Europe was published up until 2005, these issues from 1998 to 2005 can be downloaded below as pdf files.

Economic Survey of Europe (pdf version)
Previous issues of this publication on the Web:
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2004 No.2 (English)   2004 No.1 (English, Russian)
2003 No.2 (English)   2003 No.1 (English, Russian)
2002 No.2 (English, Russian   2002 No.1 (English, Russian)
2001 No.2 (English, Russian)   2001 No.1 (English)
2000 No.2 (English)   2000 No.1 (English)
1999 No.2 (English)   1999 No.1 (English)
1998 No.2 (English)   1998 No.1 (English)