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Innovation for Sustainable Development Review of Kyrgyzstan

Innovation is central to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to economic development across the world. One of the most open and democratic countries in the region, with a strategic location, educated work force, strong legacy of applied research, competitive wage levels, ample natural resources, and vibrant and growing links with the neighbouring region, Kyrgyzstan is well positioned to benefit from untapped potential for innovation-led, sustainable growth.
This UNECE Innovation for Sustainable Development Review takes an in-depth look at a range of important factors that enable and promote innovation – including innovation performance, the economic structure, and relevant laws, policies, instruments, and institutions. In doing so, the review puts sustainable development front and centre, exploring how innovation can contribute not only to long-term economic growth, but also help address pressing social and environmental concerns. This includes building on a wide range of opportunities for Kyrgyzstan to catch up with more developed economies while avoiding, mitigating, or compensating for the risks and challenages that positive structural transformations in the economy will entail.
Innovation is a complex process that requires multi-stakeholder involvement in policymaking. UNECE advisory work in this area draws on longstanding engagement across the region. The present Review is the seventh in the UNECE Innovation for Sustainable Development Review series, after reviews of Belarus (twice), Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia and Tajikistan. The Reviews take a comprehensive approach, with strong country involvement and peer review of preliminary findings. UNECE would like to thank the Government of Kyrgyzstan and the national stakeholder community for the excellent support provided throughout this project. UNECE is committed to working with the Government to assist in the implementation of the policy recommendations of the Review and to promote innovation for sustainable development.
UNECE would like to express its deep gratitude to the Government of the Russian Federation for its generous financial contribution, which made possible the implementation of the project Innovation for Sustainable Development Review of Kyrgyzstan. We are also grateful for the assistance provided by the UNDP Office in Bishkek at various stages of this project.
Download this publication in pdf: English; Russian.