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Innovation Performance Review of Armenia

In modern, competitive economies, knowledge-based innovation is the foundation for economic development. Sustained growth and improved living standards can only be obtained by increasing productivity and introducing new and better products and services that compete successfully in the global market. 
This publication is the result of a participatory policy advisory service involving the Government of Armenia, national stakeholders in the innovation system and international experts mobilized by UNECE. It makes a number of policy recommendations, addressed to both the national authorities and other innovation stakeholders. 
Specific issues that are highlighted include the need for greater policy attention to the non-technological innovation, for example in services, and knowledge diffusion; completing the National Innovation System; strengthening industry-science linkages; streamlining innovation governance; supporting innovation in SMEs; business sector involvement in innovation policy development; the competitive allocation of public support to innovation; and adopting international standards for R&D statistics.

It will also be important to make full use of both the financial and human potential of the Armenian diaspora to help drive innovation, as well as foreign direct investment. 
The Review will contribute to increase our knowledge of the impact of policies promoting innovative development and to the identification of good practices in this area that could be useful for other countries with economies in transition. The recommendations of previous Reviews have already played a positive role in informing new policy initiatives and have been followed by capacity-building activities to facilitate their implementation.
This Review was made possible by the generous financial support of the Eurasian Development Bank.
Download this publication in pdf: EnglishRussian.