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Draft UNFC Petroleum Resource Specifications and Guidelines-COMMENTS

Date From Comment
24/12/2021 Dr. Oluwole A. Oyedeji 
Independent expert, Nigeria

I have read through the draft document on application of UNFC to Petroleum Resource ( UNFC Petroleum Resource Specifications and Guidelines (PRSG).The document seems to have taken care of all the necessary and important areas. The definitions of the E,  Socio-economic and Environmental  F, Technical Feasibility  and G, Confidence in estimates of the potential recoverability of the quantities are clear and distinct. The applications to all categories of Petroleum Resource and the also the unconventional categories are well addressed. The content is rich in terms of petroleum  resources.  The authors demonstrate  a good command of the technical terms and associated technical troubleshooting and associated environmental issues. The life cycle of the Petroleum resource is considered from cradle to grave. I am grateful for this opportunity to be invited to  comment on the document. I hope you find the comments useful.

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28/12/2021 Imre Szilágyi,
Petroleum Geologist and Economist, Petroleum Resource Expert, Hungary 
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