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Customs seals used in Greece

31 July 2003
Several months ago the Greek Customs introduced new Customs seals of two different models:

    - model 1 consists of a cylindrical or spherical head and a strip approximately 20 cm long and 1 cm wide;

    - model 2 consists of two rectangular metal plates of dimensions 16 mm x 12 mm. To affix it, a twisted wire is used.

Seals of model 1 are used to secure vehicles and containers transported under the TIR procedure. Seals of model 2 were intended to be used in all cases except for the TIR procedure. However, for technical reasons, the Greek Customs Administration has recently decided that, as of 29 July 2003, Customs seals of model 2 may also be used for TIR transports.
More detailed descriptions and sketches of Greek Customs seals may be obtained from the Email address: TIR secretariat ([email protected]).