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UNECE to review the environmental performance of Mauritania

Mauritania EPR

Due to the increasing popularity of the UNECE Environmental Performance Review (EPR) Programme, the Government of Mauritania has asked the UNECE secretariat to review the country’s environmental performance. On 10–11 August 2022, the EPR Programme Manager met in Nouakchott with Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development officials to discuss the substantive content and organization of an EPR of the country.

During the preparatory mission to Mauritania, the Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development highlighted the value of a UNECE-led EPR, undertaken by international experts working closely with national officials and experts, not only from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, but also from other relevant ministries, especially those in charge of various economic sectors. The impact on the environment from sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, industry, mining and energy was identified as being of increasing concern for the country’s sustainable development and attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, the country’s legal, policy and institutional framework for environment and sustainable development would benefit from a thorough assessment of its efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, waste and chemicals management and health and the environment were highlighted as two priorities that needed to be urgently addressed by Mauritania. In addition, education for sustainable development was recognized as an area requiring considerable efforts in order to be embraced at all levels of formal, non-formal and informal education across the country.   

The EPR of Mauritania will be carried out in line with the procedures approved by the UNECE Committee on Environmental Policy for EPRs beyond the UNECE region. Depending on the availability of financial resources from voluntary contributions to carry out the EPR of Mauritania, the country review mission will be planned for the end of 2022 or early 2023.

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