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UNECE and UN Geneva present exhibition of urban sketches by Architect Norman Foster

Sketch by Lord Foster - Place and Life in the UNECE region

An exhibition of urban sketches by Architect Norman Foster is opening today at the Palais des Nations on the occasion of the UNECE Ministerial Meeting on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management (6-8 October).  The sketches present visions of city planning that incorporate concepts of sustainable urban development and innovation such as energy efficient housing, sensitivity to local culture and values, the upgrading of informal settlements and access to green spaces.  

These sketches illustrate the regional action plan for the UNECE region “Place and Life in the UNECE – A Regional Action Plan 2030: Tackling challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, climate and housing emergencies in region, city, neighbourhood and homes” that is expected to be endorsed at the UNECE Ministerial Meeting on 7 October 2021. 

According to Lord Foster: “The regional action plan is about the importance of urban planning, and within that bigger picture of urban planning – housing – and particularly affordable housing.” He noted that “We very much hope that these principles and the report will be endorsed by the gathering of Ministers.” 

Lord Foster is a renowned international, award-winning architect who pioneered innovative high-tech architectural solutions and adopted energy-efficient and ecological designs in his buildings and urban design projects. He is the President of the Norman Foster Foundation, which cooperates with UNECE as a Geneva UN Charter Centre of Excellence in Spain on the promotion of sustainable housing and cities. 

The exhibition is organized jointly with the United Nations Office in Geneva Cultural Services. View the exhibition of Norman Foster’s sketches at the Palais des Nations in Tempus 2 from 6 to 22 October 2021. The sketches are also available under this link.  

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