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United Nations Framework Classification for Resources now available in Greek and Portuguese


The United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) is now published in Greek and Portuguese. These translations will support policymakers to implement enhanced sustainable resource management in the UNECE region.

A universally acceptable and internationally applicable scheme for the sustainable management of all energy and mineral resources, UNFC also assists regional and national authorities to establish and maintain an inventory of primary and secondary raw materials projects in Europe.

UNFC, which forms part of the UN Secretary-General's plan to Transform Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development, was recently endorsed for a third time by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

International experts contribute to UNECE’s Expert Group on Resource Management to harmonize international standards to attain sustainable resource management.

The document is now published into Portuguese and Greek thanks to volunteers Daniel de Oliveira (PT), National Laboratory of Energy and Geology of Portugal (LNEG) and Nikolaos Arvanitidis (GR), Geological Survey of Sweden. Portuguese stakeholders are engaged in international policymaking on sustainable resource management. Greece is encouraged to rapidly scale-up advocacy of sustainable resource management. Translations will facilitate governments and other stakeholders to include UNFC as a standard framework with the support of bridging documents.

UNFC is the first widely accepted natural resource management system for classifying, managing, and reporting natural resources in the world. It is expected to encourage stakeholders across governments and industry to support attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal.

The implementation of the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources is made possible thanks to funding and translation resources from the European Union. The publication is now available in all official UN languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese, Greek and Portuguese.

Find more about UNFC on the UNECE website.

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