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Alex McCusker

This bilingual presentation describes the structure of the Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire, the product groups, and the process of the data collection and processing.  It also provides an overview of the collaboration of international organizations in the Intersecretariat Working Group on Fores

Presentation on JFSQ 2020 and results of JFSQ 2019.  Plans for HS 2027 and Timber Forecast Questionnaire.  Methods of work of the Team.

Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire requesting data for 2019-2020.

Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire 2020 definitions.

Shows trade flow between countries for 9 groups of forest products.  Trade is shown as % of global imports by value for industrial roundwood, sawnwood (coniferous and non-coniferous), panels, pulp, paper, further processed sawnwood, wooden furniture, and pellets.  Classifications based on Joint F

This contains all available data from ECE TIMBER database used in the preparation of the Forest Products Annual Market Review 2020-2021.

The output tables for the Forest Products Annual Market Review contain all the tables that are published, either in the publication itself (summary tables) or in the statistical annex. This file includes all the formulas used to produce the tables.

This file provides a unit price calculation for more than 60 forest products for over 40 countries in the UNECE region of Europe, North America and the former Soviet Union. Data start in 1964.

This file provides data on over 80 price series covering a variety of forest products.  Data can be actual prices or indexes. This information is graciously provided by data suppliers listed in the sources.

The statistical annex to the Market Review includes over 85 tables showing the leading producers and traders in the three ECE subregions of Europe, North America and the former Soviet Union.  Over 40 countries provided data for this year’s publication.