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Attendance at the European Commissions’ Road Safety Charter, excellence in road safety awards and meeting with European Commissioner

The EU Commissioner for Transport, Ms. Violeta Bulc, invited the Special Envoy to help the European Commission celebrate achievements made by public and private entities to promote road safety. The annual Excellence in Road Safety Awards celebrated achievements in the topics of “Youth” and “Innovation”. The Special Envoy joined the Commissioner on 20 May in awarding the winners, which were mainly civil society organizations.
In a separate meeting with Commissioner Bulc, the Special Envoy shared about his role as Special Envoy to advocate for stronger road safety governance globally, a global road safety trust fund and greater awareness about the road safety. Following the meeting, the Commissioner requested for the Special Envoy and the Executive Secretary of UNECE to participate during the European Union’s Road Safety Conference, taking place on 28 and 29 March 2017 in Malta.