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SEA of the National Strategic Development Plan, Road Map and Long Term Investment Plan for the Solid Waste Management Sector in Armenia
The overall aim of the SEA pilot was to build capacities for practical application of SEA procedures at a national level and to raise awareness of SEA benefits among various national stakeholders. Its specific objectives included:
  • To test and demonstrate opportunities of practical application of the draft law on SEA based on the implementation of a pilot project;
  • To provide recommendations for environmental optimisation and modifications of the selected plan/programme;
  • To develop recommendations for further improvement of national legislative and institutional frameworks on SEA in a country.

Based on the discussion with the Ministry, the Strategic Development Plan, Road Map and Long Term Investment Plan for the Solid Waste Management Sector in Armenia (hereafter “Strategy”) was identified as the strategic document for pilot application of SEA. The pilot was conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations, responsible for the preparation of the Strategy, and Ministry of Nature Protection which is in charge of implementing the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment and Ecological Expertise.
The SEA pilot was launched in December 2015 by establishing the team of the national experts and starting work on the initial baseline analysis. The training workshop on scoping and baseline analysis was organized in Yerevan in March 9 – 10, 2016, followed by the workshop on the impacts assessment and SEA report (Yerevan, June 23 – 24, 2016). The scoping report can be downloaded here - both in English and Armenian languages. It is also published on the website of the REC Caucasus and on LinkedIn.
The scoping public consultation meetings were organized in July - August 2016 altogether in five regions i.e. Kotayk Region, Lori Region, Shirak Region, Syunik Region, and Yerevan City (see a brief summary or the details in a full report).
The work on the draft SEA Report were initiated in September 2016. Its first version was prepared in December 2016, and the national public consultation workshop on the SEA report was organized on 21 March 2017 in Yerevan. The SEA report was finalized in September 2017 (its English version can be downloaded here or on the website of the REC Caucasus here).