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About Forest Assessment

Forest Resources Assessment

The UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section monitors all aspects of the forest, forest resources, their functions and services in the region, and makes available the information on the state of forests in the UNECE region. It provides regional inputs to the global Forest Resource Assessments. The Section works with partners in countries, international organizations and the scientific community to collect information according to agreed standards and rules, improve the quality of the information, notably by ensuring international comparability, storing, disseminating and analyzing the information and helping countries to strengthen their capacity in this area. Increasingly, information is organized according to internationally agreed sets of criteria and indicators on sustainable forest management.

The work on sustainable forest assessment comprises the following elements:
  • Collection, validation and dissemination of qualitative and quantitative statistics on forest resources, products, functions and services, sustainable forest management.
  • Analysis and assessment of the state of forests, sustainability of forest management
  • Cooperation and support to international processes in sustainable forest management, including the development and use of regional Criteria and Indicators and the preparation of the report on the State of Europe’s Forests.
  • Developing methodologies for data collection, analysis and assessments on all aspects of forests and forest resources, their functions and services, and sustainable forest management.
  • Strengthening national capacities of UNECE member countries to develop national criteria and indicators (C&I) and reporting on sustainable forest management.
Last update date: April 29, 2021