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"MARS" Group meeting (9th Meeting)

Bratislava Slovakia


The MARS Group will meet hold its 9th meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia, at the kind invitation of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing.

For more details, please see the Agenda in English.

The participants will discuss:

To register, please fill the attached registration form and send it to the Secretariat.

Agenda and Presentations

13 September 2011

Welcome addresses:

Mrs. Lucia Gocníková, President of SOSMT

Mr. Christer Arvius, Chairman of WP.6

Mrs. Kvetoslava Steinlová, MARS Group Chairperson

Information from the meeting of WP.6 Rapporteurs in Stockholm (May 2011) and plan of following activities of the MARS-Group

Mr. Christer Arvíus, Chairman of WP.6 & Chief of Unit

Implementation of the NLF in the field of market surveillance – Slovak experience

- Presentation by Mrs. Nadežda Machútová, General Director of Slovak Trade Inspection

New standardisation package and State policy of standardisation

- Presentation by Mrs. Kvetoslava Steinlová, MARS Group Chairperson

The implementation of Regulation 765/2008 in the EU – National market surveillance programmes, RAPEX, ICSMS and customs controls

- Presentation by Mrs. Rita L´Abbate, European Commission

Market Surveillance – the cooperation of competent authorities in Serbia and coordination in the Rapid System of Exchange of Information on Dangerous products (NEPRO/Pre-RAPEX)

- Presentation by Mrs. Vera Despotović, Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia

Presentation by the representative of the National Labour Inspectorate, Slovak Commercial and Industrial Chamber, or other competent Ministry

14 September 2011

New Recommendation “N” – explanation of a new recommendation, information from webinars and comments by participants

- Information by Mrs. Kvetoslava Steinlová and Mr. Christer Arvíus

Activities of the Interdepartmental Commission for coordination of the cooperation in the field of the fight against the falsification and author piracy

- Presentation by Mrs. Darina Kyliánová, President of Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic

Cooperation of the Customs Directorate with the Market Surveillance authorities (MSA)

- Presentation by Mr. Marián Haršány, Customs Directorate of the Slovak Republic       English   Slovak

Recast of the Recommendation “M” with the aim to use the existing schema to ensure not only the security but also the authenticity of the product

- Introduction: Mrs. Kvetoslava Steinlová, Coordinator of WP.6

- Proposals and comments by participants, discussion

Development of technical regulations and standards in the Customs union

- Presentation by Mrs. Antonina Leskova, BelGISS  English   Russian

State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus

- Presentaion by Mr. Viktar Naryhin, Gosstandart, Republic of Belarus

Generic Market Surveillance Procedure (new paper)

- Information by Mr. Ivan Hendrikx, EMC/Safety Expert

Database of information and global database of MS authorities

- Information by Mrs. Lorenza Jachia, Secretary of WP.6

Market surveillance Terms and Definitions – finalization, publication and importance of the “Glossary of MS terminology”

- Information by Mr. Willem Kool, BIML/ Mrs. Lorenza Jachia, WP.6

Risk Assessment Task Force

- Information by Mrs. Kvetoslava Steinlová, Coordinator of WP.6

Five documents

- proposal by Mrs. Lorenza Jachia