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"MARS" Group meeting (7th Meeting)

08 - 10 October 2009
Bratislava Slovakia


The MARS Group will meet in Bratislava, Slovakia, at the kind invitation of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing. Participants will exchange information as regards market surveillance in their respective countries, and review the General Market Surveillance Procedure, and the document on Common Terminology for Market Surveillance

For download:


Provisional agenda

Market Surveillance: General Concept and How It Relates to the Activities of the Working Party

The General Market Surveillance Procedure     ENG     RU  

Note to the Senior Officials Group on Standardization and Conformity Assessment Policy - Market surveillance group (SOGS-MSG)

Common Definitions and Terminology in Market Surveillance     ENG     RU 

Regulation no. 765/2008 on accreditation and market surveillance     ENG     RU


Ms. L'Abbate, "Methodology for the establishment of national market surveillance programmesunder Regulation 765/2008"

Ms. Machutova, "Slovak experience in risk assessment to increase the safety of consumers"

Mr. Nikonov, "International Conference on Risk Assessment and Management:objectives and current status"

State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus

Market Surveillance Agency for Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Market Surveillance in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Ms. Burdova, "Národný inšpektorát práce"

List of participants


Report     ENG