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89th Meeting

Document No.
1 Adoption of the agenda ECE/EX/2017/1 PDF PDF PDF
2 Chairman's conclusions from the last meeting EXCOM/CONCLU/88 PDF    
3 Matters relating to the Committee on Housing and Land Management        
  (a) Meeting with the chair of the Committee on Housing and Land Management 2017/1 PDF    
  (b) Decisions on matters relating to the committee on Housing and Land Management ECE/EX/2017/L.1 PDF PDF PDF
  Reference document: ToR of WPLA ECE/HBP/S/2016/3 PDF    
  Reference document: Changes to previous ToR of WPLA ECE/HBP/2011/4 PDF    
Informal segment        
4 Preparations for the 2017 Commission session        
  - Provisional agenda 2017/2 PDF    
  - High-level statement 2017/3 PDF    
5 Regional Forum on Sustainable Development 2017/4 PDF    
  - Extrabudgetary financing needs 2017/8 PDF    
6 Matters relating to the Committee on Sustainable Energy 2017/5 PDF    
7 Preparation  for the 70th anniversary of ITC        
8 ECOSOC Resolution on strengthening institutional arrangements on geospatial information management        
9 ECE Knowledge management strategy 2017/6 PDF    
10 Resource mobilization strategy: Next steps        
11 ECE collaboration with UNOG on ICT 2017/7 PDF    
12 ECE Proposed Programme Budget for 2018-2019        
13 Important new developments:  briefing by the Executive Secretary      
  (a)    Key upcoming events      
14 Other business