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2nd Meeting

Agenda English (75 KB) Russian (103 KB)
Programme English (146 KB) Russian (171 KB)
Final Report English (366 KB) Russian (398 KB)
Opening Statements
- by Mr. José Capel Ferrer, Director of Transport Division, UNECE pdf (56 KB)  


Message from Mr. Kim Hak-Su, Executive Secretary, UNESCAP
by Mr. John R. Moon, Chief , Transport Infrastructure Section, Transport and Tourism Division, UNESCAP
pdf (68 KB)
Background documents
Project overview English (67 KB) Russian (259 KB)
Selection of Main Routes along Euro-Asian Transport Corridors for Further Cooperation and Development English (154 KB) Russian (230 KB)
Criteria for prioritization of projects English (108 KB) Russian (379 KB)
Information on Investment Activities pdf (678 KB)  

Project overview and progress to date,
by Mr. Michalis P. Adamantiadis,
UNECE Regional Adviser on Transport

ppt (15,680 KB)

Criteria for prioritization of projects,
by Mr. Michalis P. Adamantiadis,
UNECE Regional Adviser on Transport

ppt (922 KB)

Asian Highway Network providing Euro-Asian Highway Linkages,
by M. B. Regmi, TTD UNESCAP

ppt (10,846 KB)

UNECE TEM and TER Master Plan Methodology for selection, evaluation and prioritization of Transport Projects,
by Dimitrios Tsamboulas, Assoc. Professor National Technical University of Athens

ppt (1,280 KB)

Next steps
Phase 2 of the Project on Developing Euro-Asian Transport Linkages

ppt (13 KB)
National perspectives on Euro-Asian transport linkages

Azerbaijanian segments of International Transport Corridors

ppt (947 KB)

Euro-Asian Linkages, Crossing the Territory of the Republic of Bulgaria

ppt (15,498 KB)

Developing Euro-Asian Transport Linkages
by the Department of International Cooperation, MOC, China

ppt (2,174 KB)

Islamic Republic of Iran
Euro-Asian Transport Linkages within the Islamic Republic of Iran

ppt (5,973 KB)

Republic of Moldova
The Republic of Moldova in the system of International Transport Corridors and Main Lines

pps (1,725 KB)

Russian Federation

ppt (6,211 KB)


pps (9,884 KB)


ppt (4,347 KB)
Group photo jpg (611 KB)
Other photos jpg (606 KB)
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Information for participants English (20 KB) Russian (129 KB)