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Download Documents for Fourteenth meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate

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TFWC_agenda_2024_EN_clean.pdf TFWC_agenda_2024_EN_clean.pdf (application/pdf, 169.86 KB) English Agenda - Fourteenth meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate
TFWC_agenda_2024_FR_clean.pdf TFWC_agenda_2024_FR_clean.pdf (application/pdf, 186.61 KB) French Agenda - Fourteenth meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate
TFWC_agenda_2024_RUS_clean.pdf TFWC_agenda_2024_RUS_clean.pdf (application/pdf, 201.87 KB) Russian Agenda - Fourteenth meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate
TFWC_agenda_2024_SPA_clean.pdf TFWC_agenda_2024_SPA_clean.pdf (application/pdf, 35.46 KB) Spanish Agenda - Fourteenth meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate
Decisions_ENGL_1.pdf Decisions_ENGL_1.pdf (application/pdf, 100.94 KB) English Decisions
Decisions_FR.pdf Decisions_FR.pdf (application/pdf, 121.09 KB) French Decisions
Decisions_RUS.pdf Decisions_RUS.pdf (application/pdf, 118.63 KB) Russian Decisions
Decisions_SPA.pdf Decisions_SPA.pdf (application/pdf, 100.48 KB) Spanish Decisions
Final List of Participants_share.pdf Final List of Participants_share.pdf (application/pdf, 243.92 KB) English List of Participants
Item_1_Agenda_TF_2.pdf Item_1_Agenda_TF_2.pdf (application/pdf, 649.38 KB) English Overall presentation
3_1_Plotnykova.pdf 3_1_Plotnykova.pdf (application/pdf, 869.34 KB) English Adapting to climate change in transboundary basins - Ms. Hanna Plotnykova, UNECE
3_2_Timmerman_1.pdf 3_2_Timmerman_1.pdf (application/pdf, 346.55 KB) English Challenges and lessons learnt based on the recent meeting of the Global network of basins - Mr. Jos Timmerman, Waterframes, the Netherlands
3_3_Milislav_1_0.pdf 3_3_Milislav_1_0.pdf (application/pdf, 458.98 KB) English Recent activities on climate change adaptation in the Sava River Basin - Ms. Rada Milisav, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Bosnia and Herzegovina
3_4_Dzhailoobaev.pdf 3_4_Dzhailoobaev.pdf (application/pdf, 1.13 MB) Russian Kyrgyzstan and climate change (some adaptation measures) - Mr. Abdybai Dzhailoobaev, State Service of Water Resources, Kyrgyzstan
3_5_Ngediko.pdf 3_5_Ngediko.pdf (application/pdf, 1.5 MB) French Climate change adaptation in the Congo river basin in 2022-2024 - Mr. Faustin Ngediko-Ekumu, Ministry of Environment, the Democratic Republic of Congo
4_1_Pilifosova.pdf 4_1_Pilifosova.pdf (application/pdf, 547.35 KB) English UNFCCC: Latest developments towards transformation and transboundary collaboration - Ms. Olga Pilifosova, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
4_2_Gesti.pdf 4_2_Gesti.pdf (application/pdf, 813.1 KB) English Water and Transboundary Cooperation in COP28 Decisions - Mr. Jose Gesti, Sanitation and Water for All
4_3_Verdiyev.pdf 4_3_Verdiyev.pdf (application/pdf, 2.6 MB) Russian Mainstreaming of transboundary water cooperation in global climate change adaptation processes - Mr. Asif Verdiyev, National Hydrometeorological Service under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan
5_1_Kaljarikova.pdf 5_1_Kaljarikova.pdf (application/pdf, 1.77 MB) English EU policies on water, climate and transboundary cooperation - Ms. Dagmar Kaljarikova, European Commission
5_2_Ngabonziza_1.pdf 5_2_Ngabonziza_1.pdf (application/pdf, 748.36 KB) English Policies and measures on water, climate and transboundary cooperation in Africa - Mr. Prime Ngabonziza, Economic Community of Central African States
5_3_Dana Bogdan.pdf 5_3_Dana Bogdan.pdf (application/pdf, 787.66 KB) English OSCE activities on climate change adaptation and transboundary cooperation - Ms. Dana Bogdan, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
6_1_1_Koeppel_Plotnykova.pdf 6_1_1_Koeppel_Plotnykova.pdf (application/pdf, 1.37 MB) English Adapting to climate change in transboundary basins: future activities - Ms. Sonja Koeppel and Ms. Hanna Plotnykova, UNECE
6_2_1_Franke.pdf 6_2_1_Franke.pdf (application/pdf, 1.96 MB) English WMO Current and Planned Activities - Mr. Nicolas Franke, World Meteorological Organization
6_2_3_Magero.pdf 6_2_3_Magero.pdf (application/pdf, 516.31 KB) English IUCN work on transboundary waters and climate - Mr. Chris Magero, The International Union for Conservation of Nature
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