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Item_3_presentation_SustDev_in_the_region.pdf Item_3_presentation_SustDev_in_the_region.pdf (application/pdf, 729.68 KB) English Sustainable Development in the Region
Item_3_presentation_Aarhus_Convention.pdf Item_3_presentation_Aarhus_Convention.pdf (application/pdf, 518.36 KB) English Convention on Access to Information,​ Public Participation in Decision-making and ​Access to Justice in Environmental Matters​ - Aarhus Convention
Item_3_presentation_Protocol_PRTRs.pdf Item_3_presentation_Protocol_PRTRs.pdf (application/pdf, 453.46 KB) English Protocol on Pollutant Release and ​Transfer Registers​ - Protocol on PRTRs
Item_3_presentation_CLRTAP.pdf Item_3_presentation_CLRTAP.pdf (application/pdf, 230.94 KB) English Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution​
Item_3_presentation_Espoo_Convention.pdf Item_3_presentation_Espoo_Convention.pdf (application/pdf, 303.25 KB) English Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context ​(Espoo Convention)​
Item_3_presentation_Protocol_on_SEA.pdf Item_3_presentation_Protocol_on_SEA.pdf (application/pdf, 239.89 KB) English Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment ​to the Espoo Convention​
Item_3_presentation_Water_Convention.pdf Item_3_presentation_Water_Convention.pdf (application/pdf, 596.35 KB) English The Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (Water Convention) ​ ​
Item_3_presentation_Protocol_Water_Health.pdf Item_3_presentation_Protocol_Water_Health.pdf (application/pdf, 311.07 KB) English UNECE-WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health
Item_3_presentation_TEIA.pdf Item_3_presentation_TEIA.pdf (application/pdf, 493.5 KB) English Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents
Item_3_presentation_SDGs_and_MEAs.pdf Item_3_presentation_SDGs_and_MEAs.pdf (application/pdf, 585.45 KB) English Sounding the Alarm: SDG Progress in the UNECE Programme Countries and UNECE's Initiative to Reverse the Trend Towards a Rescue Plan for People and Planet in the ECE region
Item_4_presentation_70th_session_outcomes.pdf Item_4_presentation_70th_session_outcomes.pdf (application/pdf, 970.58 KB) English Outcomes of the seventieth session of the​ Economic Commission for Europe
Item_5_presentation_SI_Principles.pdf Item_5_presentation_SI_Principles.pdf (application/pdf, 1.79 MB) English The International Good Practice Principles for Sustainable Infrastructure​
Item_5_presentation_IACG_Ukraine.pdf Item_5_presentation_IACG_Ukraine.pdf (application/pdf, 668.43 KB) English Informal inter-agency coordination group on environmental assessments for Ukraine
Item_6_presentation_WGEMA.pdf Item_6_presentation_WGEMA.pdf (application/pdf, 1.54 MB) English Overview on recent work of the Working Group on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment and main outcomes of its 25th session
Item_6_presentation_JTF_recent_work_and_sessions.pdf Item_6_presentation_JTF_recent_work_and_sessions.pdf (application/pdf, 827.54 KB) English Overview on recent work of the Joint Task Force and main outcomes of its 19th and 20th sessions
Item_6_presentation_proposed_transformation_of_JTF_to_a_Joint_WG_on_ESI.pdf Item_6_presentation_proposed_transformation_of_JTF_to_a_Joint_WG_on_ESI.pdf (application/pdf, 336.39 KB) English Proposal to convert the Joint Task Force on Environmental Statistics and Indicators to a Joint Working Group on Environmental Statistics and Indicators
Item7_CEP-28_EPR_PPTbyUNECE_ENG.pdf Item7_CEP-28_EPR_PPTbyUNECE_ENG.pdf (application/pdf, 6.3 MB) English Environmental Performance Review Programme: overview of activities
Item7_EPR_Kyrgyzstan_PPTbyKyrgyzstan_ENG.pdf Item7_EPR_Kyrgyzstan_PPTbyKyrgyzstan_ENG.pdf (application/pdf, 168.92 KB) English Strategic framework for development in the field of environmental protection of the Kyrgyz Republic
Item7_EPR_Kyrgyzstan_PPTbyKyrgyzstan_RUS.pdf Item7_EPR_Kyrgyzstan_PPTbyKyrgyzstan_RUS.pdf (application/pdf, 201.94 KB) Russian Strategic framework for development in the field of environmental protection of the Kyrgyz Republic
Item_7_EPR_Mauritania_PPTbyMauritania_FRE.pdf Item_7_EPR_Mauritania_PPTbyMauritania_FRE.pdf (application/pdf, 301.91 KB) French Examen de la performance environnementale de la Mauritanie
Item_8_presentation_ESD.pdf Item_8_presentation_ESD.pdf (application/pdf, 218.35 KB) English Developments under the UNECE Strategy ​on Education for Sustainable Development​ (UNECE ESD Strategy)​
Item_8_presentation_Gender.pdf Item_8_presentation_Gender.pdf (application/pdf, 363.34 KB) English Mainstreaming a gender perspective in environmental activities​
Item_8_presentation_WHO.pdf Item_8_presentation_WHO.pdf (application/pdf, 3 MB) English Seventh Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health. Accelerating action for healthier people, a thriving planet, a sustainable future
Item_9_presentation_RPTC.pdf Item_9_presentation_RPTC.pdf (application/pdf, 1011.58 KB) English Projects and activities supported by the Regular Programme on Technical Cooperation ​
Item_10_presentation_UNEA-6.pdf Item_10_presentation_UNEA-6.pdf (application/pdf, 788.15 KB) English The sixth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-6)​
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