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Download Documents for Sustainable Monitoring Infrastructure and Continuous Innovation in implementing a Shared Environmental Information System

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Agenda_Side_Event_SEIS_5Oct_13h10_Keryneia_0.pdf Agenda_Side_Event_SEIS_5Oct_13h10_Keryneia_0.pdf (application/pdf, 731.12 KB) English Provisional Programme
1.1_Presentation Opening_SEIS side event.pdf 1.1_Presentation Opening_SEIS side event.pdf (application/pdf, 1.08 MB) English 1.1. Opening presentation - Sustainable Monitoring Infrastructure and Continuous innovation in implementing a Shared Environmental Information System
1.2_Potential of CS_MBILLOT.pdf 1.2_Potential of CS_MBILLOT.pdf (application/pdf, 883.14 KB) English 1.2. The potential of Citizen Science to support monitoring of the environment - Mr. Matthew Billot, Senior Coordination Officer, UNEP
1_3_Air Quality_EU4Env_U_AT_Johannes_Mayer.pdf 1_3_Air Quality_EU4Env_U_AT_Johannes_Mayer.pdf (application/pdf, 3.02 MB) English 1.3. Air Quality Air quality monitoring and the EU4 Environment Water Resources and Environmental Data programme-Mr. Johannes Mayer, Johannes Mayer, Environment Agency Austria
1.4_EEA_Nicosia 2022 SEIS side event.pdf 1.4_EEA_Nicosia 2022 SEIS side event.pdf (application/pdf, 1.57 MB) English 1.4. EEA Nicosia 2022 SEIS side event
2.1_SEIS_Cyp_CZE.pdf 2.1_SEIS_Cyp_CZE.pdf (application/pdf, 497.5 KB) English 2.1. SEIS Cyp Miroslav Havranek - Czech Environmental Information Agency
2.2_Side Event _Presentation_A.Arakelyan_Armenia_SEIS.pdf 2.2_Side Event _Presentation_A.Arakelyan_Armenia_SEIS.pdf (application/pdf, 1.66 MB) English 2.2. Building the Information System for Lake Sevan in Armenia-Alexander Arakelyan
2.3_SoE Kazakhstan @EfE Nicosia.pdf 2.3_SoE Kazakhstan @EfE Nicosia.pdf (application/pdf, 2.08 MB) English 2.3. Interactive state-of-the-environment report of the Republic of Kazakhstan-Nickolai Denisov (ZoïEnvironment Network) AltynBalabayeva (RK Information-Analytical Centre for Environment Protection)
2.4_EEA-cooperation-WB-example_GGH_05-10-22.pdf 2.4_EEA-cooperation-WB-example_GGH_05-10-22.pdf (application/pdf, 1.2 MB) English 2.4. SEIS beyond the EU: The EEA cooperation with partners in the Western Balkans
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