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Download Documents for (CEVNI EG) CEVNI Expert Group (36th session)

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EG_CEVNI-2021-01-Rev.1.pdf EG_CEVNI-2021-01-Rev.1.pdf (application/pdf, 115.22 KB) English Provisional agenda of the thirty-sixth meeting of the CEVNI Expert Group
EG_CEVNI-2021-02.pdf EG_CEVNI-2021-02.pdf (application/pdf, 1.39 MB) English Consolidated version of amendments and proposed modifications to CEVNI 5*
EG_CEVNI-2021-03_0.pdf EG_CEVNI-2021-03_0.pdf (application/pdf, 295.25 KB) English Application of the distress signals and prohibition signs (Answers to the questionnaire for the fifty-eighth session of SC.3/WP.3)
EG_CEVNI-2021-04.pdf EG_CEVNI-2021-04.pdf (application/pdf, 2.68 MB) English European Code for inland waterways - Fifth revised edition as amended in 2017–2020
EG_CEVNI-2021-05.pdf EG_CEVNI-2021-05.pdf (application/pdf, 171.6 KB) English Amendments to CEVNI based on article 6.32 and chapter III “Marks on the banks indicating the position of the fairway” of annex 8 of the Basic Rules of Navigation on the Danube
EG_CEVNI-2021-06.pdf EG_CEVNI-2021-06.pdf (application/pdf, 170.36 KB) English List of regulations, conventions and administrative arrangements that require certificates and other papers to be carried on board in accordance with article 1.10 of CEVNI
EG_CEVNI-2021-07.pdf EG_CEVNI-2021-07.pdf (application/pdf, 139.93 KB) English Amendment proposal to the revised article 4.07 of CEVNI
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