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Document Filename Document File Language Document Information
ECE_CES_2021_14_Add.12-2105912E.pdf ECE_CES_2021_14_Add.12-2105912E.pdf (application/pdf, 212.71 KB) English Report
01-Provisional agenda Feb 2021.pdf 01-Provisional agenda Feb 2021.pdf (application/pdf, 258.43 KB) English Provisional agenda
01_Add1-Provisional timetable 2021.pdf 01_Add1-Provisional timetable 2021.pdf (application/pdf, 158.49 KB) English Timetable
02_In-depth review _New forms of employment_appr.pdf 02_In-depth review _New forms of employment_appr.pdf (application/pdf, 620.7 KB) English 2 - New forms of employment
04_Data stewardship TOR_appr.pdf 04_Data stewardship TOR_appr.pdf (application/pdf, 179.07 KB) English 4 - Data stewardship (Terms of Reference)
05_Data_Sharing_follow-up_appr.pdf 05_Data_Sharing_follow-up_appr.pdf (application/pdf, 252.36 KB) English 5 - Exchange and sharing of economic data (further work)
06_Census2030WorkPlan_appr.pdf 06_Census2030WorkPlan_appr.pdf (application/pdf, 219.63 KB) English 6 - Developing the CES Recommendations on Population and Housing Censuses for the 2030 Round (work plan)
07_ToR_TF_Circular_Economy_2021_appr.pdf 07_ToR_TF_Circular_Economy_2021_appr.pdf (application/pdf, 195.01 KB) English 7 - Measuring circular economy (Terms of Reference)
08_JTF Environment_appr.pdf 08_JTF Environment_appr.pdf (application/pdf, 215.62 KB) English 8 - Joint Task Force on Environmental Statistics and Indicators (renewal of Terms of Reference)
08_add1_ToR_JTF Environment extension_appr_0.pdf 08_add1_ToR_JTF Environment extension_appr_0.pdf (application/pdf, 208.14 KB) English 8/Add.1 - Terms of Reference
09_HLG-MOS Report 2020_appr_0.pdf 09_HLG-MOS Report 2020_appr_0.pdf (application/pdf, 438.64 KB) English 9 - Modernization of official statistics - work completed in 2020
09Add1_HLG-MOS Work programme 2021_0.pdf 09Add1_HLG-MOS Work programme 2021_0.pdf (application/pdf, 505.23 KB) English 9/Add.1 - Modernization of official statistics - work planned in 2021
09Add2_Maching Learning_0.pdf 09Add2_Maching Learning_0.pdf (application/pdf, 316.75 KB) English 9/Add.2 - Final report/outcomes of the Machine Learning Project
10_Data Collection_0.pdf 10_Data Collection_0.pdf (application/pdf, 179.76 KB) English 10 - Data collection during the Covid-19 pandemic
20_2020_SP_Implementation_Report_adopted_0.pdf 20_2020_SP_Implementation_Report_adopted_0.pdf (application/pdf, 310.18 KB) English 20 - Implementation of the UNECE Statistical Programme 2020
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