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Download Documents for 11th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development (virtual, September - November 2021)

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IFESD-11_ concept_note.pdf IFESD-11_ concept_note.pdf (application/pdf, 177.04 KB) English 11th IFESD-September-November 2021 - Concept Note
EESB-Workshop-20_Sep_2021_Concept-Note.pdf EESB-Workshop-20_Sep_2021_Concept-Note.pdf (application/pdf, 278.38 KB) English Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings: analysis of progress towards the performance objectives (GEEE-8, 20 September 2021, 15:00-16:30): concept note and tentative timeline
IEE_concept_note-GEEE-8_IFESD-11_2.pdf IEE_concept_note-GEEE-8_IFESD-11_2.pdf (application/pdf, 286.32 KB) English Workshop on Pathways to Effectively Decarbonizing Industry (GEEE-8, 20 September 2021, 16:30-18:00): concept note and tentative timeline
ESCAP-UCLG-ASPAC_Concept_Note_Accelerating_Sustainable_Energy_Transition_in_Cities.pdf ESCAP-UCLG-ASPAC_Concept_Note_Accelerating_Sustainable_Energy_Transition_in_Cities.pdf (application/pdf, 2.24 MB) English Launch event for ESCAP’s Online Tool for SDG7 Localization Assessment in Cities & ESCAP-UCLG ASPAC E-learning program on Sustainable energy transitions in cities through SDG7 Localisation (21 September 2021, 09:00-11:30 CEST/14:00-16:30 ICT): concept note
DigiTF_concept_note-GEEE-8_IFESD-11_1.pdf DigiTF_concept_note-GEEE-8_IFESD-11_1.pdf (application/pdf, 214.77 KB) English Policy discussion on Digitalization in Energy: enabling joint efforts to maximize opportunities and minimize challenges (GEEE-8, 21 September 2021, 11:30-13:00): concept note and tentative timeline
Preliminary_Agenda_ROSE_Event_22_Oct_2021_English.pdf Preliminary_Agenda_ROSE_Event_22_Oct_2021_English.pdf (application/pdf, 235.74 KB) English Regional Observatory on Sustainable Energy (ROSE)-Launch of the Regional Energy Profile and Regional Energy Poverty Report (GEEE-8, 22 October 2021, 10:00-14:00): preliminary agenda
Regional_WS_Business-Models-Iintegration-RET-rural-dev_Agenda_25.10.21.pdf Regional_WS_Business-Models-Iintegration-RET-rural-dev_Agenda_25.10.21.pdf (application/pdf, 156.44 KB) English Regional Workshop on Business models for the integration of renewable energy technologies into rural development (25 October 2021, 13:00-15:00 Beirut time): concept note and agenda
UNEP-UNESCAP Expert exchange-green recovery through womens entrepreneurship in RE_Concept-Note.pdf UNEP-UNESCAP Expert exchange-green recovery through womens entrepreneurship in RE_Concept-Note.pdf (application/pdf, 233.92 KB) English UNEP-ESCAP Expert exchange on green recovery through women’s entrepreneurship in renewable energy (27 October 2021): concept note and agenda
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