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First UNRMS Workshop

First UNRMS Workshop

05 August 2021

Welcome - Scott Foster, Director, Sustainable Energy Division, UNECE 

UNRMS principles and the requirements template, Teresa Ponce de Leão, Chair, UNRMS Sub-group and Hari Tulsidas, UNECE  

UNRMS Survey results, Hari Tulsidas, UNECE and Isabel Fernandez, EGRM Communications WG 

UNFC/UNRMS support for Government, Industry and Finance in achieving sustainable development, Sigurd Heiberg, Matthias Hartung (Commercial WG and UNRMS Sub-Group), David Elliott, Commercial WG and Slavko Solar, UNECE 

UN Policy Brief, SDG Challenges and Funding Sustainable Resource Management as a social enterprise, Julian Hilton, Chair, EGRM SDGD WG and Satinder Purewal, Chair, PWG  

Proposed UNRMS Application Examples and Case studies