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2nd meeting

Informal Group on Pole Side Impact GTR (PSI) 2nd meeting
(Brussels, European Commission, Belgium, 3 - 4 March 2011)

Meeting papers and presentations
PSI-02-19 - (Australia) - Research Proposal Quantitative analysis of Side Impact injuries, and effectiveness of existing countermeasures Extension of existing work on side airbag effectiveness
English --- PDF(789 KB)
PSI-02-18 - (BMW) - Side Pole Impact Accidents and Vehicle Testing
English --- PDF(1.48 MB)
PSI-02-17 - (UMTRI) - Effects of Occupant Age on AIS 3+ Injury Outcome Determined from Analyses of
Fused NASS/CIREN Data"
English --- PDF(3.10 MB)
PSI-02-16 - (Australia) - Fatalities and Serious Injuries in Side Impact Crashes by Age
English --- PDF(1.08 MB)
PSI-02-15 - (ACEA) - Update on the WorldSIDinjuryriskcurveson behalfof ISO/WG6 and ACEA-TFD
English --- PDF(569 KB)
PSI-02-14 - (NHTSA) - Real World Need for Oblique Test
English --- PDF(793 KB)
PSI-02-13 - (Australia) - Analysis of Vehicle Structural Deformation in Oblique, Perpendicular, and Offset Perpendicular Pole Side Impact
English --- PDF(1.50 MB)
PSI-02-12 - (BASt) - Accident Data: Side Impacts with Poles Federal Highway Research Institute
English --- PDF(1.37 MB)
PSI-02-11 - (NHTSA) - Discussion of Injuries in Pole Side Impact CrashesNHTSA’s Motivation for Upgrading the Side Impact Test Procedures& Benefit Analysis
English --- PDF(627 KB)
PSI-02-10 - (Chair) - WorldSID Crash Testing
English --- PDF(1016 KB)
PSI-02-09 - (APROSYS) - APROSYS Car to pole side impact activities
English --- PDF(1012 KB)
PSI-02-08 - (Chair) - Scope of PSI gtr
English --- PDF(475 KB)
PSI-02-07 - (Renault/PSA) - Pole side impact accident data – France national & LAB data
English --- PDF(543 KB)
PSI-02-06 - (Australia) - Pole Side Impact GTR - Assessment of Safety Need - Updated Data Collection
English --- PDF(1.15 MB)
PSI-02-05 - (NHTSA) - FMVSS No. 226 – Ejection Mitigation - Final Rule
English --- PDF(1013 KB)
PSI-02-04 - (Chair) - Final agenda
English --- PDF(517 KB)
PSI-02-03 - (Chair) Minute of the first meeting
English --- PDF(630 KB)
Pre-meeting documents
PSI-02-02 - (Chair) - First progress report
English DOC (75 KB) PDF(30 KB)
PSI-02-01 - Draft Agenda of the 2nd meeting
English DOC (38 KB) PDF(19 KB)
Reference documents