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123rd session

Informal Documents for 123rd session (6 - 9 March 2001)

International Harmonized ResearchActivities (IHRA): The Steering Committee Presentationto WP-29  PPT
Informal document No. 11 (OICA):Technical Inspections of Vehicle in Use  DOC  PDF
Informal document No. 10 (IMMA):IMMA comments on WP29/2001/14 (Reg. No. 39 - Speedometers) DOC  PDF
Informal document No. 9 (Germany):The European Integrated Hydrogen Project  DOC   PDF
Informal document No. 8 (Secret.):AC.7 - AD HOC Multidisciplinary Group of Experts onSafety in Tunnels.
The informal document was a printout of the list ofdocuments under consideration - for the content pleasesee the following Internet address:
Informal document No. 7 (Secret.):Status information concerning the 1998 Agreement (Global)and the 1997 Agreement (Inspections)  DOC   PDF
Informal document No. 6: (RussianFed.): Proposal for draft Add.2 - Rule No. 2 - inspections - roadworthiness  DOC   PDF
Informal document No. 5:(USA) Recommendations For Establishing Global TechnicalRegulations Under The United Nations/Economic CommissionFor Europe 1998 Global Agreement  DOC   PDF
Informal document No. 4: CanadianPriorities for Global Technical Regulations for MotorVehicle Safety Under the Global Agreement  DOC   PDF
Informal document No. 3: (Au)New Draft Regulation: Uniform Provisions ConcerningCabin Air Quality To Reduce Fatigue And Prevent AccidentalOr Intentional Poisoning By Exhaust Gases  DOC   PDF
Informal document No. 2: CLEPA'spriorities for Global Technical Regulations  DOC  PDF

Informal document No. 1: (OICA)Ame to Reg. 14 (document TRANS/WP.29/745 (reissued)) DOC  PDF