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42nd session

Informal Documents for the 42nd GRB session (5 - 7 September 2005)

NOTE: As part of the secretariat's effort to reduce expenditure, informal documents made available one week prior to the session on this website will not be available in the conference room for distribution to session participants. Delegates are kindly requested to bring their copies to the meeting.

GRB-42-14 - GRB informal group R51.03 Annex 10 - Proposal Terms of reference

English PPT (57 KB) PDF (31 KB)

GRB-42-13 - Proposal for interim amendement of R51.02 - Awaiting the development and transition period of R51.03

English PPT (126 KB) PDF (70 KB)
GRB-42-12 - (Netherlands) Low frequency noise
English - - - - PDF (639 KB)

GRB-42-11- (United Kingdom) Regulatory impact assessment of new vehicle noise test

English only PPT (304 KB) PDF (213 KB)

GRB-42-10- (Germany) Different scenarios for the implementation of the new test method

English only PPT (213 KB) PDF (136 KB)

GRB-42-9- (Secretariat) Proposal for Corrigendum 1 to draft Supplement 2 to Regulation No. 92 (RESS)

English DOC (194 KB) PDF (57 KB)

GRB-42-8 - (CLEPA) Principles of Revision of ECE Regulation No. 59

English only PPT (62 KB) PDF (106 KB)

GRB-42-7 - (BLIC/BIPAVER) Retreaded Tyres – Tyre to road rolling sound emissions

English DOC (26 KB) PDF (90 KB)

GRB-42-6 - (CLEPA) Comparison of noise test results according to ECE R-51.02 and R-51.03

English only (133 KB) PDF (90 KB)
GRB-42-5 - (Germany) Additional sound emissions provisions (ASEP)
English - - - - PDF (114 KB)
GRB-42-4 - (Russian Federation) Proposal for further development of the new measurement test method for sound emissions of motor vehicles
English DOC (23 KB) PDF (82 KB)
GRB-42-3 - (Germany/OICA) Summary of discussion about limits values for HDV
English DOC (37 KB) PDF (80 KB)

GRB-42-2 - (GRB Informal Group) Information paper about sound level limits

English DOC (29 KB) PDF (90 KB)
GRB-42-1 - (Russian Federation) Concerning development of type approval procedures related to verification of conformity of certified parameters
English DOC (30 KB) PDF (90 KB)
Russian DOC (36 KB) PDF (141 KB)