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4th meeting

Informal Group on gtr N°7 (Head restraints) - 4th meeting
(BMVBS - Berlin, Germany, 21-22 September 2010)

GTR7-04-19 - (Japan) gtr No.7 Regulatiion Flow Chart Proposal
English --- PDF (659 KB)
GTR7-04-18 - (SAE) SAE HADD J826 3D CAD H-Point Manikin GTR GTR-7 Update
English --- PDF (845 KB)
GTR7-04-17 - (OICA) GTR head restraints Torso angle ranges Distribution in vehicle categories
English --- PDF (637 KB)
GTR7-04-16/Rev.1 - (Japan) Japan Research Activities in the GTR-7 Phase 2 amendment Bio RID II seating proposal #4
English --- PDF (1.59 MB)
GTR7-04-15 - (USA) Compatibility Between Two Rear Impact Dummies and Two Rear Impact Pulses
English --- PDF (650 KB)
GTR7-04-14 - (USA) BioRID II Preliminary Repeatability Assessment & Biofidelity Assessment
English --- PDF (6.37 MB)
GTR7-04-13 - (Humanetics) BIORID II design evaluation checklist - Draft 9/21/2010
English --- PDF (761 KB)
GTR7-04-12 - (Humanetics) BIORID II design evaluation checklist - Draft 9/21//2010
English --- PDF (911 KB)
GTR7-04-11 - (Humanteics) Review and Approval of Recommended Certification Tests for BioridII
English --- PDF (1.08 MB)
GTR7-04-10 - (Humanetics) A Summary of Current Known Sources of Dummy to Dummy Variation
English --- PDF (640 KB)
GTR7-04-09 - (Humanetics) Results of the latest test serieson the effect of lateral tilton the headrest test results
English --- PDF (2.04 MB)
GTR7-04-08 - (Humanetics) Drawing and PADI statusand a Checklist for EvaluatingDummy Acceptability for Use
English --- PDF (1.06 MB)
GTR7-04-07 - (Faurecia) Whiplash Criteria Repeatability with different dummies & sleds
English --- PDF (1.90 MB)
GTR7-04-06 - (PDB) Summary of the BioRID-IIII Test Program
English --- PDF (2.91 KB)
GTR7-04-05 - (JARI) Influence on Cervical Vertebral Motion of the Interaction between Occupant and Head Restraint/Seat, based on the Reconstruction of Rear-End Collision Using Finite Element Human Model
English --- PDF (2.36 MB)
GTR7-04-04 - (Japan) gtr No.7 Phase 2 Dynamic Evaluate Condition and Criteria Proposal
English --- PDF (1.21 MB)
GTR7-04-03 - (The Netherlands) Head Restraints - Static Height Requirements
English --- PDF (727 KB)
GTR7-04-02/Rev.1 - Agenda of the meeting
English --- PDF (482 KB)
GTR7-04-01 - BioRID II Drawing package - 7/23/10 version
English ZIP (19.5 MB)