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1st meeting

Informal Group on Truck Cab Strength - 1st meeting
(Lyon, France, 10 - 11 April 2007)

GRSP-INF-CS/9 - Special meeting of the GRSP Informal Group on UNECE Regulation No. 29 - Cab strength
English only DOC(66 KB) PDF(49 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/8 - (Czech Republic) Comments to doc. TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2007/2
English only ---- PDF(98 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/7 - (Russian Federation) Proposed changes to UNECE Regulation No. 29
English only PPT(1,224 KB) PDF(98 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/6 - (Russian Federation) Changes to be made in UNECE Regulation No. 29
English only ---- PDF (223 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/5 - (JAMA-JARI) Overview of truck accidents in Japan
English only PPT(189 KB) PDF (299 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/4 - (OICA) Truck cab crashworthiness in real world accident
English only PPT(5,305 KB) PDF (3,376 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/3 - (OICA) Volvo accident statistics
English only PPT(5,008 KB) PDF (232 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/2 - (USA) Heavy truck accidents in the USA
English only ---- PDF (1,560 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/1 - Attendance list
English only ---- PDF (1,093 KB)