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Joint Meeting RID/ADR/ADN (WP.15/AC.1)

WP.15/AC.1 Informal documents (Geneva, 11-15 September 2006)

September 06/INF.38 - Proposed guidelines for the establishment and functioning of Working Parties within the UNECE
  English (part 1) ---- PDF (20Kb)
  English (part 2) ---- PDF (22Kb)
September 06/INF.37 - Übermittelt durch Deutschland - Die TWG trat vom 11. bis 13. September 2006 in Genf auf der Grundlage eines entsprechenden
  English DOC (44Kb) PDF (25Kb)
September 06/INF.36 - Standards Working Group - Report of its seventh meeting, Bern, 11 - 12 September 2006
  English ZIP (138Kb) PDF (120Kb)
September 06/INF.35 - (CEFIC) Pressure receptacles for liquids-New Chapter
  English DOC (24Kb) PDF (15Kb)
September 06/INF.33 - Proposal from Belgium and Norway
  English DOC (19Kb) PDF (8Kb)
September 06/INF.32 - Comments on -/AC.1/2006/24
  English DOC (38Kb) PDF (13Kb)
September 06/INF.31 - (Switzerland) PROPOSALS OF AMENDMENTS TO RID/ADR/ADN - Definition of the safety obligations of unloaders
  English DOC (50Kb) PDF 22Kb)
September 06/INF.30 - (Switzerland) PROPOSALS OF AMENDMENTS TO RID/ADR/ADN - Carriage prior to or following maritime or air carriage - Amended provisions of
  English DOC (46Kb) PDF (13Kb)
  French DOC (29Kb) PDF (69Kb)
September 06/INF.29 - (Secretariat) UNECE Reform - Extracts from the report of the Inland Transport Committee on its 68th session (Geneva, 7-9 February 2006) (ECE/TRANS/166)
  English DOC (60Kb) PDF (42Kb)
September 06/INF.28 - (EIGA) Report of the informal working group on the revision of Chapter 6.2
  English DOC (212Kb) PDF (104Kb)
September 06/INF.27 - (France) Commenton ECE/TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2006/32
  English DOC (80Kb) PDF (19Kb)
September 06/INF.26 - (France) Commenton ECE/TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2006.14
  English DOC (82Kb) PDF (21Kb)
September 06/INF.25 - (AEGPL) Composition of gas mixtures (
  English DOC (74Kb) PDF (18Kb)
September 06/INF.24 - (AEGPL) Tanks- Requirements for discharge pipes (Chapter 6.8)
  English DOC (78Kb) PDF (22Kb)
September 06/INF.23 - (Belgium) Proposal ECE/TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2006/32 - Definition of the safety obligations of unloaders
  English DOC (97Kb) PDF (28Kb)
September 06/INF.22 - (Belgium) Tanks - Intervals between tests
  English DOC (194Kb) PDF (22Kb)
September 06/INF.21 - (Netherlands) Transport conditions of used batteries
  English DOC (26Kb) PDF (14Kb)
September 06/INF.20 - (United Kingdom) Comments on document TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2006/22 - (Tanks – transitional measures)
  English DOC (27Kb) PDF (12Kb)
September 06/INF.19 - (Portugal) Tanks - Special Provisions of 6.8.4.
  English DOC (132Kb) PDF (81Kb)
September 06/INF.18 - (Sweden) Training of persons involved in the carriage of dangerous goods, Scope and applicability (1.3.1)
  English DOC (13Kb) PDF (23Kb)
September 06/INF.17 - (France) WG Standards - Marking of tank wagons
  English DOC (31Kb) PDF (10Kb)
September 06/INF.16 - (OTIF) Erreur de traduction dans le documentECE/TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2006/28
  English DOC (22Kb) PDF (9Kb)
  French DOC (56Kb) PDF (14Kb)
September 06/INF.15 - (Germany) Report of the Informal Working Group on Carriage of Dangerous Wastes
  Introduction   DOC (39Kb) PDF (21Kb)
  Annex 1   DOC (77Kb) PDF (58Kb)
  Annex 2   DOC (109Kb) PDF (99Kb)
  Annex 3   DOC (79Kb) PDF (70Kb)
  Annex 4   DOC (36Kb) PDF (10Kb)
  Annex 5   XLS (30Kb) ----
  Annex 6   XLS (31Kb) ----
  Annex 7   DOC (64Kb) PDF (34Kb)
  Annex 8   DOC (59Kb) PDF (28Kb)
September 06/INF.14 - (OTIF) Modifications supplémentaires à l’édition 2007 du RID/ADR
  English ---- PDF (85Kb)
  French DOC (18Kb) PDF (31Kb)
  German ---- PDF (86Kb)
September 06/INF.13 - (Austria) Sub-Section Packing instruction P650, p aragraph 9 (a)
  English DOC (43Kb) PDF (11Kb)
September 06/INF.12 - (Austria) Duties of participants assigned in the Model Regulations
  English DOC (47Kb) PDF (12Kb)
September 06/INF.11 - (CEFIC) SP 274
  English DOC (27Kb) PDF (19Kb)
September 06/INF.10 - (CEFIC) Acceptance of labels according to the IMDG Code, ICAO-TI / IATA DGR
  English DOC (184Kb) PDF (37Kb)
September 06/INF.9 - (CEN) Working Document for theWG Standards
  English DOC (129Kb) PDF (117Kb)
September 06/INF.8 - (UIC) Languages to be used in the transport document
  English ---- PDF (67Kb)
  French ---- PDF (68Kb)
September 06/INF.7 - (Note by the secretariat) Information on work in progress in CEN
  English DOC (148Kb) PDF (112Kb)
September 06/INF.6 - (Netherlands) Relation between Classification of Dangerous Goods and Conditions of Carriage
  English ---- PDF (17Kb)
  English ---- PDF (332Kb)
  French ---- PDF (354Kb)
  German ---- PDF (349Kb)
September 06/INF.5 - (Germany) Chapter 6.7, Sub-sections and
  English ---- PDF (96Kb)
September 06/INF.4 - (Poland and Austria) Correction to paragraph composition of gas mixtures in transport document
  English DOC (32Kb) PDF (17Kb)
  English DOC (48Kb) PDF (18Kb)
September 06/INF.2 - Liste des documents par point de l’ordre du jour
  French DOC (52Kb) PDF (19Kb)
September 06/INF.1 - Réunion commune de la Commission de sécurité du RID et du Groupe de travail des transports de marchandises dangereuses - (Genève 11-15 septembre 2006) - Documents dans l’ordre chronologique
  French DOC (24Kb) PDF (9Kb)