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ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the GHS

AC.10/C.4 Working documents - Year 2003

ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/10 - (Secretariat) ECOSOC Resolution 2003/64
  English DOC (92Kb) PDF  (31Kb)
  French DOC (117Kb) PDF  (34Kb)
ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/9 - (OECD) Substances/Mixtures, which in contact with water, release toxic gases
  English DOC (213Kb) PDF  (118Kb)
  French DOC (269Kb) PDF  (122Kb)
ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/8 - (Finland, Germany and the United States of America) Comments on proposals concerning definition of hazard characteristics of hazardous waste covered by the Basel Convention
  English DOC (79Kb) PDF  (40Kb)
  French DOC (122Kb) PDF  (40Kb)
ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/7 - (EIGA) Classification of gas mixtures for toxic effects
  English DOC (315Kb) PDF  (144Kb)
  French DOC (240Kb) PDF  (47Kb)
ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/6 - (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain) Classification and labelling of ozone depleting substances
  English DOC (393Kb) PDF  (42Kb)
  French DOC (435Kb) PDF  (39Kb)
ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/5 - (France) Self-reactive substances
  English DOC (187Kb) PDF  (13Kb)
  French DOC (91Kb) PDF  (18Kb)
ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/4 - (Secretariat of the Basel Convention) Classification and hazard characterization of wastes under the Basel Convention
  English DOC (111Kb) PDF  (52Kb)
  French DOC (206Kb) PDF  (112Kb)
ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/3 - (Ozone Secretariat-Expert Group on Customs Codes of the Montreal Protocol) Classification and Labelling of Ozone Depleting Substances
  English DOC (194Kb) PDF  (243Kb)
  French DOC (319Kb) PDF  (101Kb)
ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/2 - (OECD) Overview of historical and current work in OECD on Terrestrial Hazard Assessment
  English DOC (141Kb) PDF  (79Kb)
  French DOC (172Kb) PDF  (94Kb)
ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/1 - (EIGA) Classification of gas mixtures for toxic effects
  English DOC (58Kb) PDF  (24Kb)
  French DOC (106Kb) PDF  (23Kb)