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5th session

ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the GHS
AC.10/C.4 Informal documents 5th session
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.23 - Report of the Correspondence Group on Labelling
  English DOC (23Kb) PDF (9Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.22 - Results of the meeting of the Intersessional Group on Precautionary Statements
  English DOC (22Kb) PDF (8Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.21 - Report of the WG on SDS
  English DOC (22Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.20 - (Chairperson) Other business
  English DOC (20Kb) PDF (7Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.19 - Draft report of the 12th meeting of the OECD Task Force on Harmonization of Classificaiton and Labelling (Helsinki, 23-25 June 2003)
  English - - - - - - PDF (132Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.18 - (UNITAR) Activities of the UNITAR/ILO GHS Capacity Building Programme and the UNITAR/ILO/OECD WSSD Global GHS Partnership
  English DOC (65Kb) PDF (17Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.17 - (USA-Lead country) First report of the Inter-sessional Working Group on Labelling
  English DOC (29Kb) PDF (13Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.17/Add.1 - Comments by CEFIC
  English DOC (101Kb) PDF (68Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.17/Add.2 - Comments by Japan
  English DOC (21Kb) PDF (7Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.17/Add.3 - Comments by RHODIA (Industry)
  English DOC (32Kb) PDF (17Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.17/Add.4 - Comments by ACC
  English DOC (27Kb) PDF (9Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.17/Add.5 - Comments by CEFIC
  English DOC (627Kb) PDF (43Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.16 - (Secretariat) Regional cooperation for development/Regular programme of technical cooperation
  English DOC (460Kb) PDF (2937Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.15 - (Secretariat) Comments on the GHS
  English DOC (27Kb) PDF (13Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.14 - (Secretariat) Other international instruments closely related to the GHS
  English DOC (27Kb) PDF (13Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.13 - (Secretariat) GHS promotion/Basel Convention
  English - - - - - - PDF (143Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.12 - (United Kingdom) Comments on STS/SG/AC.10/C.4/2003/5
  English DOC (37Kb) PDF (20Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.11 - (Secretariat) Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the CETDG/GHS
  English DOC (162Kb) PDF (97Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.10 - (Secretariat) GHS promotion/Information on the outcome of the Fifth Ministerial Conference Environment for Europe
  English - - - - - - PDF (222Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.9 - (Secretariat) GHS promotion/ISO Bulletin
  English - - - - - - PDF (619Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.8 - (Secretariat) GHS promotion/IFCS Information circular
  English DOC (41Kb) PDF (24Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.7 - (Secretariat) Draft corrigendum to the English version of the GHS
  English DOC (52Kb) PDF (25Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.6 - (Australia) Elaboration of a Guidance document on the preparation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  English DOC (624Kb) PDF (307Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.6/Add.1 - Comments by CEFIC
  English DOC (182Kb) PDF (135Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.6/Add.2 - Comments by Belgium
  English DOC (228Kb) PDF (149Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.6/Add.3 - Comments by South Africa
  English DOC (31Kb) PDF (18Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.6/Add.4 - Comments by ACC (ICCA)
  English DOC (72Kb) PDF (32Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.6/Add.5 - Comments by Croplife International
  English DOC (658Kb) PDF (146Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.6/Add.6 - Comments by Japan Chemical Industry Information (JCIA)
  English DOC (123Kb) PDF (35Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.6/Add.7 - Comments by Germany
  English DOC (22Kb) PDF (8Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.6/Add.8 - (Australia) Outcome of the teleconference of 16/06/2003
  English DOC (20Kb) PDF (7Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.6/Add.9 - (UK) Comments by UK
  English DOC (660Kb) PDF (145Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.5 - (Germany) Harmonization of Precautionary Statements Open Issues
  English DOC (142Kb) PDF (212Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.4 - Classification and hazard characterization of wastes under the Basel Convention (UNEP/CHW.6/26)
  English - - - - - - PDF (129Kb)
  French - - - - - - PDF (127Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.3 - (UNITAR) Developing and Implementing a National Chemical Hazard Communication and GHS Action Plan
  English DOC (820Kb) PDF (410Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/5/INF.2 - (UNITAR) Preparing a National Chemical Hazard Communication Situation Analysis
  English DOC (209Kb) PDF (104Kb)