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76th session

Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (WP.15)

WP.15 Informal documents, 76th session (3-7 May 2004)

TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.29 - (Secretariat) Chapter 2.4 - Road tunnel classification of dangerous goods
  English DOC (35Kb) PDF (72Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.27 - (United Kingdom and Germany) Proposals for amendments to Annexes A and B of ADR. Cylinders for use in hot air balloons and hot air airships.
  English DOC (28Kb) PDF (82Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.26 - (Chairman) Safety in road tunnels
  English DOC (28Kb) PDF (96Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.25 - (United Kingdom) A revised proposal on bowsers from the United Kingdom
  English DOC (20Kb) PDF (44Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.22 - (United Kingdom) Safety in road tunnels
  English DOC (26Kb) PDF (65Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.21 - (Italy) Multilateral Agreement M145 concerning paragraph of ADR (lateral stability of tank-vehicles) - Discussion.
  English DOC (22Kb) PDF (67Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.20 - (Switzerland) Différences constatées entre l’anglais et le français dans le chapitre 1.10 des amendements prévus à l’ADR pour 2005
  French DOC (24Kb) PDF (68Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.19 - (Switzerland) Training of drivers
  English DOC (63Kb) PDF (82Kb)
  French DOC (52Kb) PDF (8266Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.18 - (France) Information sur les evolutions réglementaires concernant le limiteur de vitesse
  French DOC (24Kb) PDF (68Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.17 - (France) Interpretation of how the certificate of approval for vehicles is written
  English DOC (23Kb) PDF (68Kb)
  French DOC (24Kb) PDF (68Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.16 - (France) Transitional measure for vehicles approved according to Multilateral Agreement M 145
  English DOC (24Kb) PDF (69Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.15 - Notification by the Netherlands according to section 1.8.4 of ADR. Recognised bodies/authorities in the Netherlands
  English DOC (66Kb) PDF (182Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.14 - (Secretariat) List of competent authorities for the application of ADR including Chapter 1.5
  English DOC (85Kb) PDF (182Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.13 - (Secretariat) Multilateral agreements with list of countries and dates
  English DOC (142Kb) PDF (161Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.12 - (Italy) Interpretation of ADR Instruction in writing
  English  DOC (26Kb) PDF (93Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.11 - (Sweden) Proposals for amendments to Annexes A and B of ADR. Revised wording of the new transitional provision regarding orange-coloured plates
  English  DOC (36Kb) PDF (97Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.10 - (Norway) Part 3 of ADR – Table A – entry for UN 3375, liquids
  English  DOC (28Kb) PDF (53Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.9 - (France) Safety in Road Tunnels
  English DOC (43Kb) PDF (122Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.8 - (Sweden) ADR Training certificate issued in Sweden for drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods
  English DOC (549Kb) PDF (143Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.7 - (Belgium)
  French DOC (22Kb) PDF (82Kb)
  English  DOC (39Kb) PDF (79Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.5/Add.1 - (FIATA) Amendments to paragraph Revised text for paragraph in INF.5. (The rest of INF.5 remains unchanged)
  English  DOC (20Kb) PDF (78Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.5 - (FIATA) 3th Revised proposal of amendment to Annex A of ADR. Amendments to paragraph
  English  DOC (71Kb) PDF (86Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.4 - (EIGA) Provisions for empty uncleaned packagings in
  English  DOC (298Kb) PDF (97Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.3/Add.1 - Enquête préparatoire au forum
  English  DOC (109Kb) PDF (136Kb)
  French  DOC (108Kb) PDF (152Kb)
  German  DOC (114Kb) PDF (153Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.3 - (France) Forum d’échange portant sur les examens de conseillers à la sécurité 15-17 juin 2004 - Paris
  English  DOC (31Kb) PDF (93Kb)
  French  DOC (74Kb) PDF (155Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.2 - (Secretariat) List of documents under agenda item
  English  DOC (73Kb) PDF (102Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/76/INF.1 - (Secrétariat) Liste des documents à metre à disposition
  French  DOC (26Kb) PDF (58Kb)