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Capacity building, tools and guidance

Guidance on implementation of GHS criteria

The GHS Sub-Committee has developed guidance on the application of GHS criteria. The guidance provides examples on the application of the criteria for several hazard classes and is regularly updated.

Additionally, sector-specific guidance has been developed by industry. This includes so far: “Guidance on the application of GHS criteria to petroleum substances” and “Guidance on the application of GHS criteria to ores and concentrated for marine transport”.

Capacity-building, training materials and resources

UNITAR and ILO are the GHS Sub-Committee’s focal points for GHS capacity building activities.

In 2001, both organizations initiated a Global GHS Capacity Building Programme (UNITAR/ILO Global GHS Capacity Building Programme), in response to growing requests from countries for capacity building to support GHS implementation. The UNITAR/ILO programme provides guidance documents, educational, awareness-raising, resource and training materials regarding the GHS.

UNITAR, ILO and OECD also launched a Global Partnership for capacity building to implement the GHS (UNITAR/ILO/OECD Global Partnership for Capacity Building to Implement the GHS) with the aim to strengthen capacities at all levels and sectors (particularly in developing countries).

Available training materials and resources include:

  • Guidance for the development of a National GHS implementation strategy
  • A companion guide to the Purple book
  • GHS e-learning course run twice a year.

The Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC) developed an Internet-based Toolbox for Decision Making in Chemicals Management (IOMC Toolbox). The toolbox enables countries to identify the most appropriate and efficient actions and guidance for : a national management scheme for pesticides ; an occupational health and safety system ; a chemical accidents prevention, preparedness and response system for major hazards ; a pollutant release and transfer registers (PRTR) ; an industrial chemicals management system ;a classification and labelling system based on the GHS ; and a system to support health authorities which have a role in the public health management of chemicals.

Last update date: March 17, 2021