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Joint Meeting RID/ADR/ADN (WP.15/AC.1)

WP.15/AC.1 Informal documents (Geneva, 9-13 September 2002)

September 02/INF.8 - (CEN) Proposal regarding the the process to adopt standards by the Joint Meeting
  English DOC (215Kb) PDF (169Kb)
September 02/INF.7 - (AEGPL) Informal Paper regarding CEN "Proposal regarding the reference to CEN standards in ADR/RID" - (TRANS/WP15/AC.1/2002/14)
  English DOC (21Kb) PDF (79Kb)
September 02/INF.6 - (CEN) Presentation of EN standards for future reference in chapter 6.8 of the RID/ADR
  English DOC (38Kb) PDF (109Kb)
September 02/INF.5 - (CEN) Proposal regarding the reference to standards in RID/ADR
  English DOC (35Kb) PDF (105Kb)
September 02/INF.4 - (CEN) Information regarding the development of EN standards for reference in the ADR/RID
  English ----------- PDF (565Kb)
September 02/INF.3 - (OCTI) Working Group "Assimilation List" - Transmitted by the Government of Germany
  English ------------- Part 1 PDF (69Kb)
    ------------- Part 2 PDF (1352Kb)