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8th session

ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the GHS

AC.10/C.4 Informal documents 8th session
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.39 - Coordination and Work Programme
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  English DOC(30Kb) PDF (12Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.37 - Precautionary Statements (PS)
  English DOC(398Kb) PDF (423Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.36 - (Austria) Annex 2
  English DOC(34Kb) PDF (13Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.35 - (Sweden) Skin corrosion/irration
  English DOC(24Kb) PDF (10Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.34 - (France and USA) Water Activated Toxicity
  English DOC(23Kb) PDF (8Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.33 - Report of the meeting of CG on PS (held on 7 December 2004)
  English DOC(43Kb) PDF (11Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.32 - (UNITAR) Development of a GHS Roster of Experts
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.31 - (UNITAR) Activities of the UNITAR/ILO GHS Capacity Building Programme and UNITAR/ILO/OECD WSSD Global GHS Partnership
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.30 - (CEFIC) Labelling of very small packagings
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.29 - (ICCA) The role of APEC in the implementaiton of the GHS
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.28 - (USA) Precautionary Statements (PS)
  English DOC(22Kb) PDF (8Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.27 - (France) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2004/2 and UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.2
  English DOC(24Kb) PDF (10Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.26 - (CEFIC) Precautionary Statements
  English DOC(22Kb) PDF (9Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.25 - (ICMM) Terrestrial environment hazards
  English DOC(66Kb) PDF (31Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.24 - (Secretariat) Relationship between the Sub-Committee on GHS and the Rotterdam (PIC) and Stockholm (POPs) Convention
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.23 - (South Africa) Progress report on the implementation of the GHS in South Africa
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.22 - (WHO/IPCS) Activities in support of implementation of the GHS
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.21 - (South Africa) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2004/22
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.20 - (WHO/IPCS) Maintenance and further development of Annex 3
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.19 - (Japan) Proposal for editorial amendments to the text of a new category into Chapter 3.8
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.18 - (Japan) Progress in the implementation of the GHS in Japan
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.17 - (Secretariat) Structure of Chapter 3.11 on Aspiration Hazard
  English DOC(717Kb) PDF (45Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.16 - (Secretariat) Implementation of the GHS
  English DOC(42Kb) PDF (17Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.15 - (DGAC) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2004/8/Rev.1
  English DOC(104Kb) PDF (47Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.14 - (Secretariat) Contribution to the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM)
  English DOC(87Kb) PDF (33Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.13 - (Secretariat) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2004/9 and UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.12
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.12 - (CEFIC) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2004/9
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.11 - (Secretariat) Cooperation with the Basel Convention
  English DOC(365Kb) PDF (299Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.10 - (Finland) Classification and Labelling of ozone depleting substances
  English DOC(127Kb) PDF (216Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.9 - (EIGA) Precautionary Statements
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UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.8 - (CEFIC) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2004/18 (CTIF)
  English DOC(25Kb) PDF (78Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.7 - (Secretariat) Programme of work for the biennium 2005-2006
  English DOC(29Kb) PDF (94Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.6 - (Canada) Implementation of the GHS
  English DOC(34Kb) PDF (65Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.5 - (Australia) Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  English DOC(223Kb) PDF (221Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.4 - (Secretariat) Document of interest for the SCEGHS: ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/109
  English DOC(74Kb) PDF (153Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.4/Add.1 - (Secretariat)
  English DOC(307Kb) PDF (109Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.3 - (Secretariat) Document of interest for the SCEGHS: ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/106
  English DOC(143Kb) PDF (279Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/8/INF.2 - (Secretariat) Document of interest for the SCEGHS: ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/107
  English DOC(68Kb) PDF (121Kb)