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EIA/IC/S/6 Serbia

Party (State) of origin Affected Party (State)
Serbia Bulgaria
Activity (project)
  • Construction of an Experimental "Pilot" Facility for Technology Testing of Flotation Processing of Copper, Lead and Zink
  • Ore on the Territory of Karamanica, Municipality of Bosilegrad"Ore Exploitation and Mining from Mines "PODVIROVI"
  • "POPOVICA"Extending the production of zinc, lead and other metals from the Grot Mine.

  Document title
30 May 2019                Submission from Bulgaria to the Chair of the IC
28 June 2019 Additional information to the submission from Bulgaria to the Chair of the IC
23 November 2019 Reply from Serbia to the Chair of the IC
13 July 2022 Findings and recommendations on compliance by Serbia with its obligations under the Convention with respect to several mining-related activities in Karamanica, Popovica and Podvirovi and the Grot mine ENG FRE RUS