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Bureau Members

Current members (from 11 December 2020)

Chair of the Bureau Mr. Georges Kremlis (Greece)

Alternate Chair (for Protocol matters) 

Ms. Vesna Kolar- Planinšič (Slovenia)
Members Ms. Milena Novakova (European Commission)

Ms. Martine Rohn-Brossard (Switzerland) and

Ms. Olena Miskun (Ukraine) (alternate for Protocol matters)

  Ms. Dorota Toryfter-Szumańska (Poland), Chair of the Working Group on EIA and SEA
  Ms. Larissa Lukina (Belarus), Vice-Chair of the Working Group
  Ms. Anna Maria Maggiore (Italy), Vice-Chair of the Working Group
  Mr. Joe Ducomble (Luxembourg), Chair of the Implementation Committee

Ms. Maria do Carmo Figueira (Portugal),

First Vice-Chair of the Implementation Committee