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74th session

Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (WP.15)

WP.15 Informal documents, 74th session (19 - 23 May 2003)

Harmonization with the United Nations Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, please refer to the related documents (Inf.30 and Addenda) on the Joint Meeting web page.
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.24 - (Secretariat) Safety in tunnels
  English DOC (21Kb) PDF (51Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.23 - Sûreté du Transport des Marchandises Dangereuses (TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/92/Add.2)
  French DOC (92Kb) PDF (143Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.22 - (Secretariat) Chapter 9.2 Proposed new note to table 9.2.1
  English DOC (20Kb) PDF (62Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.21 - (Germany)
  English DOC (34Kb) PDF (77Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.20 - (Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Norway and Poland) Amendments to part 8 and 1 of ADR resulting from the adopted proposal of Liechtenstein (Doc. TRANS/WP.15/2003/6 and -/Corr.1)
  English DOC (33Kb) PDF (79Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.19 - (Secretariat) Chapter 9.1, paragraph
  English DOC (27Kb) PDF (115Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.18 - (Switzerland) Comments and proposals to the Report of the ad-hoc ADR expert Meeting on Dangerous Goods Groupings for Road tunnel Regulations, Feldkirch 12th - 14th May 2003
  English DOC (208Kb) PDF (355Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.17 - (Norway) Interpretation of the transitional provisions relating to 8.1.4 - Comments on document 2003/3 from Switzerland
  English DOC (21Kb) PDF (61Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.16 - (Germany) Information on vehicle stability control systems
  English DOC (20Kb) PDF (55Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.15 - Report of an ad-hoc ADR Expert Meeting on Dangerous Goods Groupings for Road Tunnel Regulations (Feldkirch 12th-14th May 2003)
  English DOC (109Kb) PDF (108Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.14 - (Italy) Chapter 9.7, paragraph
  English DOC (24Kb) PDF (62Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.13 - (Secrtariat) Chapitre 7.5, paragraph 7.5.10
  English DOC (18Kb) PDF (68Kb)
  French DOC (22Kb) PDF (62Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.12 - (Secretariat) List of Competent Authorities for the application of ADR including Chapter 1.5
  English DOC (334Kb) PDF (277Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.11 - (Secretariat) Multilateral Agreements with list of Countries and dates
  English DOC (121Kb) PDF (149Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.10 - (Secretariat) Notifications in accordance with Chapter 1.9
  English DOC (33Kb) PDF (97Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.9 - (Belgium) Provisions concerning loading, unloading and handling
  English DOC (19Kb) PDF (71Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.8 - (IRU) Safety Adviser Working Group. Invitation to meeting 9 - 11 July 2003, Geneva
  English DOC (36Kb) PDF (110Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.7 - (CLEPA) Proposal for an amendment to Annex A of ADR
  English DOC (28Kb) PDF (66Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.6/Add.1 - Basis for discussion. Comparison between regulations
  English DOC (350Kb) PDF (225Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.6 - (Germany) Invitation to a working group meeting on RID/ADR concerning the consignment note/transport document for transport operations involving a maritime/air transport - land transport chain
  English and German cover page PDF (31Kb)
  English ------------- PDF (88Kb)
  German ------------- PDF (89Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.5 - (Belgium) Dangerous goods transport security
  English DOC (28Kb) PDF (80Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.4 - (Spain) Clarification on Mixed Transportation of "LQ" goods and other types of goods
  English DOC (20Kb) PDF (56Kb)
  French DOC (21Kb) PDF (59Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.3 - (Austria) (a) and "LOAD" 1st indent of ADR: modification of the layout
  English DOC (22Kb) PDF (58Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.2 - (Secretariat) List of documents
  English DOC (46Kb) PDF (68Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/74/INF.1 - (Secrétariat) Liste des documents metre disposition
  French DOC (22Kb) PDF (58Kb)