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Old Code

ECOSOC Committee of Experts on the TDG and on the GHS

                                                                       AC.10 Working documents (old code)
R.453 - (CEFIC) Chapter 2: Amend UN 2031 & UN 2032 (Nitric Acid)
  English WPF(22Kb)
R.454 - (CEFIC) Class 8 Sulphur Trioxide Transported in uninhibited state
  English WPF(31Kb)
R.455 - (B) Multimodal gas tanks - Use of gas tanks
  English WPF(5Kb)
R.456 - (Sec) Review of chapter 3 - Use of asterisk in chapter 2
  English WPF(4Kb)
R.464 - (China) Deletion of UN 2371 from Recommendations
  English WPF(6Kb)
R.468 - (HMAC) Salvage Packagings
  English WPF(17Kb)
R.469 - (HMAC) Infectious Subst.Pack.:Marking of conforming to 6.14.9
  English WPF(24Kb)
R.470 - (HMAC) Special Provision 61
  English WPF(15Kb)
R.471 - (Sec) - Pesticides: New Table 6.1 (2)
  English WPF(101Kb)
R.475 - (USA) New Prop. to amend Recommendations: Listing & classif.
  English WPF(24Kb)
R.476 - (USA) Classification of maneb and maneb preparations
  English WPF(18Kb)
R.477 - (USA) Infectious Subst.: Assignement to risk groups
  English WPF(24Kb)
  French DOC(139Kb)
R.478 - (USA) Rail Impact testing for portable tanks
  English only WPF(10Kb)
R.479 - (NL) Class 2: Systematic list of substances
  English WPF(109Kb)
R.480 - (CEFIC) Div 5.2: Amend.s to tables 11.3, 11.4 & 11.5
  English WPF(91Kb)
R.481 - (CEFIC) Transport of organic peroxides in IBC'S & tanks
  English WPF(38Kb)
R.482 - (CEFIC) Manual of tests & criteria: Amend to Div. 4.2
  English WPF(28Kb)
R.483 - (CEFIC) : Simpl. of the list of Packaging Methods
  English WPF(21Kb)
R.443 - (Sec) - Draft amend.s to Recommendations on the T.D.G.
  English WPF(687Kb)
R.451 - (CEPE) Inclusion of Viscous flammable liquids in Pack.Group III
  English WPF(19Kb)
R.452 - (CEPE) Chapter 5: Special Recomm. to Class 3
  English WPF(18Kb)
R.465 - (G,N,UK) Recomm. * oversized Packaging & Pack. for large articles
  English WPF(4Kb)
R.484 - (USA) Flammable Liquids, not sust.comb., in small Pack
  English WPF(19Kb)
R.485 - (CEFIC) Div.5.2 Recxlassify DI-tert-BUTYIL PEROXIDE for bulk transp
  English WPF(30Kb)
R.486 - (IAEA) Class 7: UN Numbers
  English WPF(31Kb)
R.487 - (Arg) Segregation requirements for dangerous goods
  English WPF(23Kb)
R.489 - (N) Classif. Criteria x Aqueous sol. & mixt. of inorg.nitr's
  English WPF(412Kb)
R.494 - (SEC + RID/ADR) Restructuring Recommendations
  English WPF(67Kb)
R.495 - (USA) Comments on Reclassifying UN 3241
  English WPF(26Kb)
R.496 - (USA) On proposed requirements for Salvage Packagings
  English WPF(56Kb)
R.497 - (UK) Composite IBC'S with inner ... (fexible) type 31HZ2
  English WPF(14Kb)
R.498 - (UK) Division 5.2 Infectious substances
  English WPF(42Kb)
R.501 - (D) Periodicity of Amend's of UN Recommendations
  English WPF(63Kb)
R.503 - (D) Working Methods in Reformatting the Recomm.'s
  English WPF(64Kb)
R.504 - Consolidated text of the amendments to the UN Recommendations
  English WPF(178Kb)
R.505 - Reformatting Recommendations into Model Rule
  English WPF(248Kb)
R.505/A.1 - Reformatting Recommendations into Model Rule
  English WPF(415Kb)
R.505/A.2 - Reformatting Recommendations into Model Rule
  English WPF(248Kb)
R.505/A.3 - (USA) Dangerous Goods List (Annex in linked file)
  English WPF(164Kb)
R.505/A.4 - Reformatting Recommendations
  English WPF(332Kb)
R.505/A.5 - Reformatting Recommendations
  English WPF(301Kb)
R.505/A.6 - Reformatting Recommendations
  English WPF(279Kb)
R.505/A.7 - (Sec) Reformatting Recommendations
  English WPF(296Kb)
  French WPF(236Kb)
R.505/A.8 - (USA) Reformatting Recommendations
  English WPF(374Kb)
R.505/A.9 - (Sec) Reformatting Recommendations
  English WPF(269Kb)
  French WPF(517Kb)
R.505/A.9-bis - (Sec) Reformatting Recommendations
  English WPF(314Kb)
R.506 - (CEFIC) Reformatting UN Recommendations: Additional Page Numbering
  English WPF(72Kb)
R.507 - Programme of Work for 1997/98
  English WPF(72Kb)
R.508 - Multimodal Portable Tank Transport (Tab 12.2)
  English WPF(72Kb)
R.509 - Concerning Agenda 21: Harmonization of flammability criteria of aerosols
  English WPF(69Kb)
R.510 - Introduction of UN Entries in Class 3
  English WPF(74Kb)
R.511/C.1 - (EIGA) Chap 12/17: Movement of tanks beyond their approval
  English WPF(72Kb)
R.512/C.1 - (EIGA) Port. Tanks x Refrigerated liquified gases
  English WPF(72Kb)
R.513/C.1 - (EIGA) Port Tanks x Refrigerated liquified Gases
  English WPF(71Kb)
R.514/C.1 - (EIGA) Port Tanks : Protection against impact & overturning
  English WPF(72Kb)
R.516 - (UK) Revision of Chap 17: Value for Leakproofness test pressure
  English WPF(76Kb)
R.517 - (IMO) Report of IMO WG on Portable Tanks
  English WPF(188Kb)
R.518 - (UK) Limtd Qties 15.3.2: Shrink-wrapped or stretch-wrapped trays
  English WPF(75Kb)
R.519 - (UK) W.P. for 1997/98: Packing of articles of Class 2-6,8,9
  English WPF(78Kb)
R.521 - (SA) Multimodal Portable Tanks - Longitudinal restraint impact test
  English WPF(72Kb)
R.522 - (G, N, S, UK) Large Packaging
  English WPF(141Kb)
R.523 - Periodicity of Amendt. for Recommendations
  English WPF(108Kb)
R.524 - (Arg) Simultaneous Translation in Spanish
  English WPF(69Kb)
R.528 - (USA) Reformatting Recommendations: Chapter 4.2
  English WPF(172Kb)
R.530 - (USA) P of W x 97/98: Substances toxic per inhalation
  English WPF(73Kb)
R.531 - (G) Port Tanks: List of substances of Classes 3-9: Tank string
  English WPF(82Kb)
R.532 - (Nw) Classification of Aerosol Dispensers
  English WPF(76Kb)
R.533 - (HMAC) Periodicity of Amendments
  English WPF(85Kb)
R.534 - (USA) Periodicity of Amendments
  English WPF(85Kb)
R.535 - (USA) Exceptions for small portable tanks
  English WPF(72Kb)
  English WPF(76Kb)
R.536 - (USA) Collision protection for portable tanks
  English WPF(79Kb)
R.537 - (OCTI) Opening Pressure & Capacity of P. Relief devices
  English WPF(74Kb)
R.538 - (CEFIC) Div 5.2 Amendment to Table 11.3
  English WPF(74Kb)
R.539 - (IATA) Progarmme of Work: Periodicity of Amendt. to the Recommendations
  English WPF(86Kb)
R.540 - (HMAC) Classification based on Human Experience
  English WPF(107Kb)
R.541 - (USA) IBC's: Periodic test & inspection requirements
  English WPF(86Kb)
R.543 - (G) Revision of Chapter 12 & Multi Tank Tab: Rail impact testing
  English WPF(82Kb)
R.544 - (G) Special Provisions: UN N. 3164
  English WPF(83Kb)
R.545 - (CEFIC) Heating of tanks & IBCs as a consequence of fire engulfment
  English WPF(123Kb)
R.546 - (TCA/EPTA) Multimodal Portable Tanks
  English WPF(85Kb)
R.547 - Activities Related to Agenda 21
  English WPF(134Kb)
R.548 - (Sec) Implementation of Resolutions 1995/5 and 6 of the ECOSOC
  English WPF(199Kb)
R.550 - (ILO) Harmonization of classification criteria for physical hazard
  English WPF(97Kb)
R.551 - (UK) Pesticides entries
  English WPF(83Kb)
R.554 - (F) Chap 2: Num?rotation marchandises et d?finition certaines rubriques
  French WPF(108Kb)
R.555 - (F) Portable tank for liquified gases: Periodic inspection intervals
  English WPF(75Kb)
  French WPF(236Kb)