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GHS implementation information submission form

The GHS is a non-legally binding instrument and its modular approach gives governments discretion to choose, among other elements:

  • the implementation instrument
  • the sectors in which it is implemented and, within a sector, the hazard classes and categories to be implemented
  • the version of the GHS they implement and the periodicity of updates


While this flexibility facilitates the work of competent authorities when deciding on how to implement the GHS, it constitutes a challenge to get a clear picture on how and to what extent the system is being implementing worldwide in the absence of a well-defined and established reporting mechanism to collect information.  

To facilitate data collection in a consistent and harmonized manner, the secretariat has prepared an information submission form with the items identified by the GHS Sub-Committee as being the most relevant to governments and industry when analysing the technical aspects of GHS implementation worldwide. 

It has been recognized at the GHS Sub-Committee that reports on the progress and expected adoption timeframes will become increasingly valuable to economic trading partners and support furthering the goals of the GHS. 

Governments, industry representatives, United Nations programmes, specialized agencies and regional commissions as well as any other organizations are invited tno provide feedback to the GHS Sub-Committee on the steps taken for the implementation of the Globally Harmonized System in all relevant sectors, through international, regional or national legal instruments, recommendations, codes and guidelines. 

To submit updates on the status of implementation of the GHS please use the information submission form.