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73rd session

Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (WP.15)

WP.15 Informal documents, 73rd session (4 - 8 November 2002)

TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.18 - Paragraphs and
  English DOC (19Kb) PDF (55Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.17 - Paragraph 9.3.4, EX/III vehicles
  English DOC (102Kb) PDF (89Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.16 - (Secretariat) Multilateral agreements
  English DOC (107Kb) PDF (174Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.15 - (Secretariat) Notifications in accordance with Chapter 1.9
  English DOC (34Kb) PDF (97Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.14 - (Netherlands) Chapter 9.2, Paragraph
  English DOC (21Kb) PDF (65Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.13 - (Portugal and Spain) Russian version of document TRANS/WP.15/2002/28
  Russian DOC (18Kb) PDF (68Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.12 - (Austria) Construction and approval of vehicles - Scope of Part 9: Extension to Vehicles Category M1
  English DOC (31Kb) PDF (98Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.11 - (OICA) Construction and approval of vehicles - OICA proposal for application of ADR 1999
  English DOC (232Kb) PDF (72Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.10 - (EIGA) Construction and approval of vehicles - Thickness of double-walled tanks
  English DOC (22Kb) PDF (56Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.9 - (EIGA) Safety in road tunnels - Comments on the proposal from Austria in document TRANS/WP.15/2002/21
  English DOC (24Kb) PDF (66Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.8 - (Italy) Construction and approval of vehicles
  English DOC (136Kb) PDF (214Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.7 - (OICA) OICA Proposal to amend ADR-2003
  English DOC (32Kb) PDF (16Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.6 - (CEFIC) Report of the Informal Working Group on the transport of small amounts of dangerous goods
  English DOC (1511Kb) PDF (172Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.5 - (OICA) Proposal for new regulation with regard to the type approval of a heating system and of a vehicle with regard to its heating system
  English DOC (600Kb) PDF (204Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.3 - (Belgium) Training of drivers(fire-fighting)
  English DOC (19Kb) PDF (62Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.2 - (Secretariat) List of documents by agenda item
  English DOC (39Kb) PDF (65Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/73/INF.1 -(Secrétariat) Liste des documents à metre à disposition
  French DOC (22Kb) PDF (56Kb)